How can I apply for IPO if I don’t have UPI?

If your account type is Trinity, you can easily apply for an IPO via ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount).

If you are not a Trinity account holder, you can create a UPI ID, or you can follow these steps to proceed with your IPO application:

Step1: Log in to your net banking account Step 2: Click on IPO Step 3: Select the IPO you want to apply for and click on ‘apply now’ Step 4: Fill in the order details. Add the price and quantity you’d like to apply for Step 5: For successful completion of your IPO application, please keep these details handy

  1. Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and DOB (Date of Birth)
  2. DP ID and Client ID of Kotak securities. To access these details, kindly navigate to ‘my account’ in your ‘my demat profile’ section on the Kotak Securities website page.
  3. Depository Name, whether NSDL or CDSL. You can find this once you navigate to ‘my account’ in your ‘my demat profile’ section within the Kotal Securities website page.
  4. DP's name will be ‘Kotak Securities’

Alternatively, you could also convert to a Trinity account and apply for IPOs via ASBA.