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Take Solutions Ltd Company background

Founded in: 2000
The Company was incorporated as a private limited company by the name TAKE Solutions Private Limited on December 20, 2000. The company has been promoted by a team of domain experts in the supply chain management sector of the software industry.TAKE Solutions delivers domainintensive services and solutions in Life Sciences, Software and Information Technology. In the fastgrowing Life Sciences space, the Company offers clients a unique combination of fullservice Clinical, Regulatory and Safety services backed by unique technology expertise. Its range of services span from clinical trials to regulatory submissions to postmarketing safety, all backed by insights derived through proprietary industry networks forums. With a team of leading Life Sciences experts, bestinclass systems and processes, and bespoke, industryspecific technology and analytics, the Company delivers successful outcomes for clients. Its global roster of clients includes large and small innovator biopharmaceutical companies as well as generics manufacturers.In Supply Chain Management, TAKE through its subsidiaries focuses on niche engineering services, supply chain collaboration and product reengineering. Its IPled approach enables clients to automate supply chain processes, track, trace control at item level, mandate supplier compliance, and streamline material shipment movement, and thus optimize their processes.Pursuant to a Scheme of Amalgamation, a company namely, Millennium Infocomm Limited was merged with Company w.e.f. January 1, 2003 i.e. the Appointed Date and the Scheme of Amalgamation came into effect on February 23, 2004.On February 7 2003, the company has acquired the divisions/softwares of iStartWeb Private Limited and MSIPL. The division of iStartWeb Private Limited, dealt with BPM, workflow management, application and information integration. The division of MSIPL had capabilities in secondary sales management software.In December 2003, the company has acquired fiftyone (51%) of the equity share capital of Megatrends Limited but subsequently on April 5, 2005 the company has divested equity fully in Megatrends and this company ceased to be our subsidiary.On November 20, 2004, the company has incorporated a wholly owned Subsidiary in the Kingdom of Bahrain by the name of TAKE Solutions Gulf W.L.L. This Subsidiary has enabled to foray in the Middle East markets for marketing SCM suite of products. However, TAKE Solutions Gulf W.L.L. has now been voluntarily liquidated by the Company w.e.f. January 22, 2007.In the year 20042005, the company has developed a suite of products across the SCM vertical, which enabled to deliver customized business solutions and support services at shrinkwrap speeds to clients.In December 2005, the company has acquired majority stake in the equity of TAKE Inc. then a subsidiary company of TAKE Solutions Pte Limited (one of our Promoters). In March 2006, the company has acquired the entire shareholding of TAKE Inc. USA and thereby Company forayed into the US markets. The acquisition also added a new vertical i.e. the Life Sciences Space known as Life Sciences Technology Solutions having a suite of products under the brand umbrella OneClinical. In 2006, TAKE Inc launched the software product PharmaReady in the Life Sciences space. TAKE Inc. further has a subsidiary namely Applied Clinical Intelligence L.L.C.On 29th March 2006, the company has acquired 58.06% in the equity of Autopartsasia Private Limited, which is a 100% EOU in India. This acquisition enabled to extend SCM model in the automotive space of the industry.On 31st March 2006, the company has acquired 97.75% in the equity of Millennium Business Solutions (Sdn) Bhd., Malaysia from Millenium Business Solutions Private Limited, India. By way of this acquisition company has forayed into the South East Asian market for marketing SCM suite of products. The company has entered into a Shareholders Agreement dated June 1, 2006 with United Integrated Sdn Bhd, Malaysia for converting this company into a joint venture wherein Company shall hold fifty one percent (51%) equity capital and the rest will be held by United Integrated Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Pursuant this agreement, the name of the company has been changed to TAKE United Sdn Bhd w.e.f. July 7, 2006. The conversion of the company into a joint venture has not yet been given effect to.In March 2007, the company has acquired the entire share capital of CMNK Consultancy Services Private Limited. In June 2007, the company has acquired ClearOrbit Inc. USA, a Delaware Corporation through USA based subsidiary TAKE Inc. ClearOrbit is now the wholly owned subsidiary of TAKE Solutions Inc.During FY 2015, TAKE 10 Solutions Private Limited, India was divested and TAKE Intellectual Properties Management Inc., USA was merged with its parent company Navitas Inc, USA.During the year 2018, the Company allotted 14,697,200 equity shares of Rs 1 each at an issue price of Rs 170.10 per equity share (including a Share Premium of Rs 169.10 per share) on Preferential basis to TAKE Solutions Pte Ltd. (Promoter of the Company) on March 22, 2018 after obtaining the necessary approvals, including InPrinciple approvals from both National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.During the year 2018, the Company disinvested its entire stake held in Towell TAKE Solutions LLC Muscat (Joint Venture with Towell) on March 28, 2018 for a consideration of USD 2,000,000. Further the step down subsidiaries under Towell TAKE Investments LLC, Muscat (Towell TAKE Solutions LLC, Muscat , TAKE Solutions MEA Limited, Dubai and Mirnah Technologies Systems Limited, Saudi Arabia) also got disinvested in the process.During FY 2018, the Company had given loan amounting to Rs 573.15 million to its wholly owned subsidiary M/s. Ecron Acunova Limited (f.k.a. Manipal Acunova Limited) and Rs 208.23 million to TAKE Solutions Global Holdings PTE Ltd.In FY18, TAKE launched an ICH E6 (R2) Readiness Assessment Framework to help industry players become proactively compliant with the latest requirements to run successful clinical trials. To augment its breadth of knowledge and deepen expertise, the Company initiated the institution of a Medical Scientific Advisory Board. It further leveraged its domain knowledge and technology expertise to launch OneClinical, an eClinical platform to the market. OneClinical delivers near realtime, highquality data and optimizes clinical trials. Proven across a variety of global trials, the platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs, and provides global accessibility with near realtime data analytics and visualizations.In FY 2018, the Engineering Services subvertical added another offering that enables compliance across the industry. The Green Check Software Platform helps companies assess their supply chains to ensure they meet the requirement of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, also known as Proposition 65, of the State of California, USA.In FY 201718, TAKE invested in its infrastructure across geographies. The Company inaugurated a stateoftheart, 80bedded clinical facility in Chennai to cater the growing demand for high quality clinical trials. It expanded the facilities in Bangalore, Princeton and Bogota to take advantage of exciting market opportunities across Asia, Europe and North and South America.During Q4 FY 2018, one of the Supply Chain subsidiaries of the Company, Towell TAKE Investments LLC was disinvested.During the year, Company disposed its supply chain unit, TAKE Supply Chain in Austin USA held by Navitas Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary, to ESM Capital, LLC, USA on September 28, 2019, for a consideration of USD 3.25 million.The Company acquired two US based entities namely KAI Holdings Inc, a CRO health research company and Dataceutics Holdings Inc, a specialty Clinical Functional Service provider for a consideration of USD 27 million and USD 45 million respectively in FY 2019.Navitas Life Sciences Inc, USA, a wholly owned subsidiary merged into Navitas Inc, USA, a wholly owned subsidiary, with effect from February 25, 2019.Astus Technologies Inc, USA, TAKE Dataworks Inc, USA and TAKE Synergies Inc, USA, wholly owned subsidiaries merged into TAKE Innovations Inc, USA, a wholly owned subsidiary with effect from February 22, 2019.KAI Holdings Inc and Dataceutics Holdings Inc. merged with Navitas Inc, USA and TAKE Innovations Inc, USA, respectively with effect from May 06, 2019.In FY19, the Company however, reclassified its business activity from Computer Programming, Consultancy and Related Activities to Scientific Research and Development, so as to represent the main area of activity of the Company.During FY 2019, the Company provided loan amounting to Rs 1028.26 Million to its wholly owned subsidiary M/s. Ecron Acunova Limited and Rs 121.24 million to TAKE Solutions Global Holdings Pte Ltd.During FY 2019, the Company converted its loan amount of USD 20.46 Million provided to TAKE Solutions Global Holding PTE LTD, Singapore (a wholly owned subsidiary) on various dates into equity shares of SGD Shares 3.60 Million at a rate of SGD 7.7213 per share.
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The past 1-year return of Take Solutions Ltd [TAKE] share was 14.25. The Take Solutions Ltd [TAKE] share hit a 1-year low of Rs. 16.99 and a 1-year high of Rs. 35.78.

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