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Humming Bird Education Ltd Company background

Founded in: 2010
Managing director: Nitesh Jain
Humming Bird Education Limited was originally incorporated as a Private Limited Company with the name Humming Bird Education Private Limited on August 23, 2010. Subsequently, the Company was converted into a Public Limited Company and the name of the Company was changed to Humming Bird Education Limited on October 10, 2018.The Company is engaged in the business of conducting Olympiad exams and selling booklets for preparation of such exams. An International Level Olympiad is a rigorous competitive examination where students are evaluated on a scientifically constructed syllabus and their academic performance is ranked relative to their peer group. Humming Birds examinations use a multifaceted approach in judging students on their indepth knowledge of the subjects as well as on enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical and problem solving skills, helping them better understand their strengths and weaknesses further enabling them to convert their Olympiad results into superior scholastic gains and realize their true intellectual potential. As an added advantage this has also given an opportunity for schools to analyse the performance and prowess of their teachers with the help of deep insight provided by the Olympiads.The Company is asset light and centrally managed, it has a vast franchisee network which has allowed them to spread their reach to intercontinental boundaries with a fast growing international base. Acting as its extension in branding and customer acquisition its franchisees enjoy a respectable business model with comfortable working hours and territorial rights, strengthening its association with all with them. All its franchises have met their breakeven and are already profitable while increasing Hummingbird brand and footprint in their territories. With franchisees in India and abroad, the company is focusing now on increasing its franchisee penetration up to district levels.In March 2019, the Company came up with a Public Issue of fresh issue of 163,000 Equity Shares by raising equity funds from public aggregating to Rs. 2.15 Crores.The Humming Bird International Olympiads offer a unique, multifaceted evaluation, extending beyond the traditional IQ (Intelligence Quotient) to include EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), CQ (Creativity Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient), FQ (Financial Quotient), and notably HQ (Happiness Quotient). They champion the comprehensive development of students, offering meticulously designed Olympiads for an enriching learning experience. Participants receive an OQ (Olympiad Quotient) reflective of their performance, paving the way for easier access to private college admissions, university placements, and even career opportunities. This OQ can be enhanced annually, mirroring improvements in their Olympiad performance.Humming Bird broke the language barrier and is now also conducting Olympiads in regional languages for the students of schools with regional languages as their primary language of education. The Company also started the Video tutorials for the students in various subjects where in the students will get the exact knowledge of the subjects.The Company highlight the essence and necessity of Olympiads in providing a standardized platform for students to measure their capabilities at a national and international level. This competitive exposure helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses, familiarize themselves with competitive exam patterns, clarify concepts, and gain recognition through awards and accolades, ensuring they are welleducated, not just welltrained.
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