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  • QWhat is ‘Stock Trader’?
    Stock Trader (ST) is a unique mobile based application from Kotak Securities which allows you to trade in Equity, Derivatives and Currencies from your mobile phone. ST also gives you Live streaming quotes, charts, allows you to create your own watchlists, check your account balance and view your positions and portfolio.
  • QWhat do I need to use ST to trade?

    To use ST to trade, you need the following:

    Offline customers can also use ST but only to view indices, stock quotes and charts.

  • QWhat OS versions does ST support?
    Handset Manufacturer Operating System Supported
    Nokia Java,Symbian All major handsets with JAVA MIDP 2.0
    Blackberry Blackberry OS All handset with all OS versions including OS 7.0
    Samsung Android All handset with OS version above 1.9 Supports Galaxy Tab as well
    Samsung JAVA,BADA All major handsets with JAVA MIDP 2.0
    LG,Motorola,Micromax,HTC JAVA,Antroid All handset with all with above mentioned specifications
    iphone iOS Support iPAD & iPod Touch as well
  • QHow can I download ST on my phone?
    You can download ST on your phone by sending ST to 5676788. A link will be sent to your mobile phone, you will need to click on it to download the application. You can also visit http://m.kotaksecurities.com from your mobile phone browser to download the app.
  • QHow can I use Stock Trader on my handset?

    Customer of Kotak Securities

    To use Stock Trader on your handset, you have to follow 3 simple steps given below.

    Download & Install Stock Trader on you handset.

    Login to the application using you user ID, Password & 6 digit Security key code.

    Start trading


    To use Stock Trader on your handset, you have to follow 4 simple steps below.

    Download & Install Stock Trader on you handset.

    Register in the application by filling a simple form and generate User Id & Password instantly.

    Login to the application using the User Id & Password generated at the time of registration.

    Start using the application.

  • QWhat features are available for me in Stock Trader?

    With Kotak Stock Trader, you can

    • View streaming quotes of the stock of your choice
    • Track live markets by viewing the levels of Sensex & Nifty
    • View intraday charts
    • Create customized watch-lists

    Additionally, if you have an online trading account with us you can

    • Place trades in Stocks, Derivatives & Currency Derivatives
    • View your day's position
    • Check status of orders and trade reports
    • Track your portfolio performance real time
    • Check available margin in the account
    • Modify or cancel pending orders
  • QHow secure is it to trade on Stock Trader?

    It's completely secured to trade on Stock Trader.

    • The application works on the existing order routing system of Kotak Securities.
    • Customer authentication is done through Client ID & 2 levels of passwords, namely website password & security key code.
    • The mobile device doesn't store the session's details. So, each time the user wants to log on to the application, he has to enter his User ID & password. This enhances the security rigidity in case of loss of your mobile phone.
    • As applicable to website, each session lasts for 15 minutes if no activity is done.
    • The data transfer between the application & the Kotak Securities Order routing system is secured using industry standard security protocol HTTPS which is HTTP over SSL/TLS. The highest level of encryption supported is AES-128 bit encryption.
    • The existing backend support systems are used here, the risk management and other customer related concerns are taken care of.
  • QDo I need to register every time I want to use ST?
    No, you just need to register only once, after that you can use your username and password to login every time.
  • QI am a Kotak Securities customer. How do I use ST?
    If you are a Kotak Securities customer, you can directly login to the application by entering your User ID, Password and Security Key.
  • QWhat if a new version of the application is available?
    Every time you visit the application, in the initialization screen of the application system will check for updates and will notify you to download the latest version if any.
  • QWhat happens when I change my handset?
    When you change your handset, you just need to download ST on the new handset again and login with your User ID and password to use.
  • QHow do I save on data usage while using ST?
    To save on data usage while using ST, you can switch the indices streaming off/on at your will. Just go to Indices option in the application’s main screen and switch streaming off to save on data charges. You will have to refresh the rates manually after that. For BlackBerry, you need to choose streaming ON/OFF from ‘Account Settings’.
  • QIf I have multiple watchlists created through website and KeatProX, can I view them on ST?
    Yes, all the watchlists created by you are visible on ST. What’s more, you can alter these watchlists and also create your own watchlists. These watchlists will be available on website and KeatProX also.
  • QIf I place an order through ST, can I view the order report on website and Keat and vice-versa?
    Yes, any order placed through ST can be viewed on Website and Keat similarly any orders placed through website and Keat can be viewed on ST.
  • QCan I place an order directly from the watchlists in the ST?
    Yes, ST gives you the option to place order for particular scrip directly from the watchlist. All you need to do is to click on the scrip in your watchlist and choose “Trade” option from the drop down.
  • QCan I square-off my position in ST?
    No, you cannot square-off your position from ST. For that you need to login to your account on the website and choose “Todays Positions” tab under Equity section.
  • QCan I trade in Mutual Funds/IPO through ST?
    No, presently you cannot trade in MF and IPO through ST, you need to login to the website to buy sell MF/IPO.
  • QIs ST available on app stores also?

    Yes, ST is available on all the major App stores in the world. Below is the list of stores it is available on:

    Store OS Search Keyword
    Vodafone Java,BB,Android Kotak
    App Store iOS Kotak
    Android Market Android Kotak
    BB Appworld BB Kotak
    Getler Android,Java Kotak
    Amazon Android Kotak
    Handster Java,Android Kotak
    Samsung Java Store Java,Bada Kotak
  • QWhom can I get in touch with in case of any issues?
    You can get in touch with our Customers Service desk on 1800 209 9191 / 1800 222 299 (toll free) or 30305757 using your local STD code for any kind of clarification or support you need.
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  • Mandatory by SEBI
  • Easy Portfolio Management
  • Security of Equity Investments.
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