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  • QFor whom is this facility available?

    This facility is available only for online trading customers.

  • QWhat is a portfolio tracker?

    The portfolio tracker is a tool that kotaksecurities.com has put in place so that investors may keep a track of how well their scrips are doing at a given point of time. In short it serves as a snapshot of the holdings that an investor has.

  • QWhat is the advantage of a portfolio tracker?

    A portfolio tracker has several advantages to offer .It reveals data on:

    • The gain loss statements of an investor through the buy/sell trades that he has made
    • The holdings of the investor at a particular point of time
    • The transaction statements and
    • The update prices of stocks

    Apart from this the portfolio tracker also gives the investor details on the split up of his holdings in terms of sectors and the percentage composition (sectoral) that he has allocated in his total portfolio.

  • Qwhat are the other benefits of a portfolio tracker?

    Besides, giving sectoral split up of the stocks that the investor has in his portfolio, the portfolio tracker also gives data on the average holding cost of each scrip, the quantity of scrips that the investor holds in his account and the market price of the scrips. The biggest advantage of the portfolio tracker is that it goes on to explain the unrealized gain/loss of his individual holdings. This in turn helps the investor to monitor his stock performance.

  • QHow often does the data in the portfolio tracker get updated?

    The stocks reflected in the portfolio tracker are those that are there in the dp account of the customer. Hence any stock that has been bought/sold by the investor would get reflected after T+2 days.

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