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  • QFor whom is this applicable to?
    AThis is applicable to online trading customers.
  • Q Will I receive a contract note for my transactions?
    AYes, you will receive a digitally signed contract note on your email id registered with us. Please note that digitally signed contract notes are valid documents under the Information Technology Act 2000 and the same are also available online under My Account which can be used for Income-tax purpose.
  • Q How Do I get Physical Contract Notes? Physical Contract Notes?
    ATo get a physical copy of your contract note, we request you to kindly post a Q-form indicating the period for which you need the contract note. The charge for the same is Rs. 49/- per month. We request you to confirm the said charges.
    br>Please note that the yearly physical contract notes, in the form of date-wise, scrip-wise summary transaction statements, are sent to your registered mailing address on an annual basis. This shall avoid the inconvenience of dispatching voluminous contract notes.
  • QWhat happens if I have not received my contract note on my registered email id?
    AIf the contract note is not delivered to your email id, there is a high possibility that it may have bounced back, reasons being- email id updated incorrectly, change in email id, email inbox full, etc. In such a scenario our systems will auto generate a hard copy of the contact note copy and dispatch the same through courier services to your registered mailing address.
  • QIs this service chargeable?
    AYes, there is a charge of Rs.10 per day applicable for this service.

    Note: Exchange has revised the format of contract notes. All contract notes are issued as per revised format. For details kindly refer to the links of the circulars provided below.

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