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What is stock market trading without close monitoring? It would be akin to covering your eyes and walking across a road during peak hours.

At Kotak Securities, we take your trading experience seriously. We understand you need to be on top of the market every moment of the day. Considering the whopping amount of information that comes out of the stock markets, it may be difficult to do so. This is why, we have come out with a new value added service – the TradeSmart Store.

TradeSmart Store offers you different applications, which you can use to monitor trends for the stocks in your portfolio, derive insights about the overall market or even understand the derivatives market.
In the store, you will find three key services. Here’s a look:

TradeSmart Derivatives

Ever thought derivatives trading was much too complicated? Here’s a tool to help you simplify derivatives trading.

Using TradeSmart Derivatives, you can get a one-click snapshot of the latest market situation, recommended trading strategies customized for your needs, and the best thing spotting unusual activities from the thousands of traded contracts, much like a needle in a haystack.

TradeSmart Insights

Information is very valuable in the stock market. TradeSmart Insights thus comes handy here. It helps you get live news streams, analyst recommendations and ratings as well as other insights from over a million sources.

This is not just for the stocks in India, but covers over 35,000 stocks across the world. The application also helps you understand the sentiment in the market. This will help you forecast price trends and make better decisions.

TradeSmart Trends

Stock prices keep fluctuating. But even within the volatility, there lies an underlying trend.However, it takes time to understand these trends. It may be too late, though. This is why we have come up with TradeSmart Trends.

It is an application which helps you identify bullish and bearish trends in the overall stock market as well as the stocks you hold.

Now no need to spend hours poring over charts and figures.Analysis is at your fingertips. What’s more, this happens in real time.

You can also opt to get alerts in case your stock touches a certain price level.

How it helps
  • One click snapshot
  • Spot the unusual
  • Get customized trading strategy
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