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Portfolio Tracker for MF, Equity and Derivative Investments

Trading Account customers with Kotak Securities enjoy the convenience of tracking all their equity, mutual fund and derivative investments in one place using the Kotak Portfolio Tracker.

The Portfolio Tracker is a tool that gives you reports on the stocks that you hold in your demat account with Kotak. Any stocks that you buy or sell, reflect in your Portfolio Tracker in T+2 days.

To access the Portfolio Tracker, login to your trading account and click on the “Equity Portfolio Tracker” link under the My Investments section.


The Portfolio Tracker offers the following statements, snapshots and updates that keep you informed every step of the way.

  • Transaction Statement: Every transaction you make in equities, derivatives or mutual funds is captured here. You can also view transactions made over a specific date range. Any profits or losses that have been realized will be indicated against the “Sell” transactions listed in the transaction statement.
  • Statement of Holding: This statement gives detailed information on the equities, derivatives and mutual funds that you currently hold in your demat account. Some of the details you’ll find here are:
    • A detailed sector-wise break up of where you’ve invested your money. This is also available in the form of a pie chart.
    • List of all transactions done till date in the current financial year. This also shows stocks that you may not hold currently but have traded in the current financial year.
    • Unrealized gains / losses
    • Realized gains / losses in the case of square off and delivery trades
    • Brokerage and all other charges and fees charged to your account, except Securities Transaction Tax (STT). This is also available in the P&L Statement.
  • Gain/Loss Statement: This allows you to check the gains or losses that you’ve made in a specified period of time.
  • Financial Year-wise Realized P&L Statement: View the realized gains / losses you’ve made across different financial years.
  • Update DP Stock rates: The Portfolio Tracker automatically updates the rates of shares that you transfer from other DP accounts to your Kotak DP account or the Kotak pool account. This rate is by default the closing price of the respective scrip on the day you transferred your shares. In such a case, you have the option of updating the actual buy/sell rate and buy/sell date yourself.
  • Bonus shares: Details of bonus shares issued on the stocks you hold are recorded here
  • Auction details: If any of your trades involved auction of shares, details regarding such auctions would also be available in the Portfolio Tracker.
Why Portfolio tracker?
  • Quick snapshot of portfolio
  • Track investment performance
  • Easy to use
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What are the benefits?

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q For whom is this facility available?

    A This facility is available for online as well as offline customers.
  • Q How frequently does the Portfolio Tracker get updated?

    A The stocks reflected in the portfolio tracker are those that are there in the DP account of the customer. Hence any stock that has been bought/sold by the investor would get reflected after T+2 days.
  • Q Are there any other advantages that Portfolio Tracker gives you?

    A A portfolio tracker has several advantages to offer. It reveals data on:

    1) The gain loss statements of an investor through the buy/sell trades that he has made.

    2) The holdings of the investor at a particular point of time.

    3) The transaction statements and

    4) The update prices of stocks.

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