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Double or Quits

Why After Market order?
  • No stock market timing
  • Easy to operate
  • Sufficient time for research
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You cannot avoid the ups and downs in the stock market. However, you can avoid paying brokerage if in loss. With Double or Quits now pay only one paisa brokerage on Loss or Double brokerage on Profit.

The rules are simple:

  • Only square off trades which are placed and executed within the Double or Quits Hours will pay one paisa brokerage or double brokerage.
  • If you book a loss on your square off trade, we charge one paisa brokerage at script level.
  • If you make a profit on your square off trade, we will charge you double brokerage.
  • Double or Quits hour will be declared on our trading platforms.
  • You have the choice to participate in this product any day, at your discretion.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Double or Quits is applicable only for online trading in cash segment only.
  • Online acceptance to participate in the Double or Quits hour is mandatory.
  • Both legs of buy and sell orders have to be placed and executed during the Double or Quits hour. If you place the buy order in Double or Quits hour and sell after the Double or Quits hour, it will be treated as a normal order and regular brokerage rates would apply. FIFO logic will be applicable on scrip level square off.
  • A negligible brokerage of one paisa per script will be charged, in case of Loss. Taxes and other charges will also be applicable.
  • Please check your contract note to know the brokerage details.