• Multiple

    Multiple Watchlists

    You can open multiple watchlists at once, as well as pre-defined watchlists such as nifty, banknifty, and nifty 100.

  • Customizable Watchlist

    Customizable Watchlist

    Create watch lists for stocks, sectors, indices, and asset classes (currency + commodity) based on your trading preferences. You can also customise the interface to suit your viewing preferences.

  • Charts


    From chart IQ tools, all of the major indicators and charting tools are available in a variety of time frames, including 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, and so on.

  • All in one
    trading platform

    All in one trading platform

    You can monitor assets and execute trades across segments -equity cash, equity futures & options, currency and commodity from a single online trading platform.

  • Different

    Different Themes

    You can choose from seven different themes such as black, grey, white, etc.

  • Bracket Order
    & TSLO Order

    Bracket Order & TSLO Order

    These advance order types can be used by intraday traders for hassle free intraday trading.

  • Indices

    Indices watchlist

    In the Indices watchlist, you can see all the Indices rates, as well as the high, low, and other details, in a single window.

  • Option

    Option Chain

    Option chain can now be used to analyse and implement various option strategies.

  • Order Placement
    from Option Chain

    Order Placement from Option Chain

    Now you can place order directly from option chain.

  • F&O
    Margin calculator

    F&O Margin calculator

    F&O margin calculator allows you to calculate the margin requirement for Indexes and stocks in F&O segment.


To open a chart, go to watchlist and right click on the scrip and select chart from the menu.

To change the timeframe on the chart, go to the 1 min drop down menu and select different timeframes such as 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, and so on. By default timeframe selected will be one minute, however you can change it as per your choice.

Yes, important indicators such as RSI, MACD, Moving average, and others can be added to the chart. To add an indicator, go to studies and select the indication you would like to use.

Yes, under the home menu select pre-defined watch list such as nifty 50 , nifty bank , etc.

On the top left under preference click on keat settings, now select font settings and you can change your font accordingly.

You can choose from seven different themes such black ,white ,dark grey ,etc. To change the theme, go to Preferences and then to Theme Selector.

Click on Trade & Reports, then Bracket Orders. You can also place bracket orders from the order form itself if you choose advance order type.

Click on TLSO orders under the trade & report section; you can also place TLSO orders directly from the order form under advance order type.

Open position can be seen in the trade & report tab, or you can check it by pressing F4.

Click on trade report under trade & report section, or press F6 to check trade report.

Click on Preference menu and then select change password. Punch in require credentials and click on confirm button.

Click on preference tab then click on lock terminal option.

Click on home, then select the watchlist you want to delete from the list of watchlists and click delete.

Right click the ribbon at the top of the screen and select Minimize Ribbon.

Customize the ribbon by right-clicking on the ribbon at the top.

In the watchlist select the scrip in which you want to place the Buy Order and then press F1 (F2 for sell), or right click and select Buy/Sell.

Under the Trade & Report menu, click on Orders and then select Pending Orders. Under Pending Orders you will be able to see all the pending orders. Right click on the orders which you want to modify, edit the details and click on Modify.

In the watchlist right click on the scrip, and then click on the Option Chain.

In the watchlist right click on the stock, and click on Market Depth.

Under Trade & Report, click on Limits, then click on Add funds/Withdraw to add/Withdraw funds.

Under the Home menu, select the predefined watchlist from the Predefined section.

You can check whether the market is open or closed from the market status. You can also open it from Home under the Windows panel section. The market status will appear at the bottom of your device screen.

Under the Home menu, click on New Watchlist under the Watchlist section.

To delete a watchlist, click on delete under the Watchlist section.

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