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  • 09 May 2023

In the world of information overload, making investments can seem daunting and it is often that one misses out on a good investment due to an influx of information. Investing is a mind game as much as it is a numbers game.

Keeping emotions out of investing is a battle half won. So what do you do when your heart is in the right place, but the abundance of information just will not let you make decisions in peace?

This is where you may benefit from "smallcase"

Smallcase, also known as Kotak Investor’s Basket, allows you to build a low-cost, long-term, diversified portfolio based on ideas that you believe in.

Research professionals curate & manage smallcases, where they will assign weightage to each company, to ensure that you have the right exposure to a set of companies that fit your theme. You can even organise your portfolio based on volatility factors - where researchers help you choose companies based on the level of risk you wish to take.

Let's say you are interested in a theme like discretionary purchases, such as going to a cineplex, shopping for branded clothes or eating out, etc. There's a plethora of companies like Max or Reliance Trends, Dominos or Pizza Hut, PVR or Inox. Here, smallcase shows you a variety of companies that fall within this theme, with key information that you should know before investing, so you can order a basket of stocks to match your strategy/idea/theme.

The Benefit of smallcase:

1. Strategising

Your financial goals are as unique as you are and strategies will reflect accordingly. smallcase offers versatile strategies that give you a balanced exposure to various asset classes through the use of low-cost ETFs to meet your unique life goals.

2. Ease

Simply decide the following before investing in a smallcase basket and you're all set:

  • Your risk appetite
  • Minimum investment amount
  • Returns
  • Popularity

3. Management

Keeping track of your investments could not be easier:

  • Complete flexibility to add/remove stocks from the portfolio
  • Start SIPs to meet your goals in a disciplined manner
  • There’s no exit load. You have the option to partially or completely exit at your convenience
  • Regular rebalance updates ensure the basket stays true to the underlying idea

Investing in smallcase takes just a few minutes. No new accounts, no additional steps. Just log in to your Kotak Securities account, choose a smallcase, and invest. The stocks and ETFs are delivered directly to your demat account. Money is deducted from your trading account. Dividends are paid to your bank account. Simple!

Kotak Securities aims to simplify investing for all and smallcase has put a smile on the faces of over 2.6L investors. Find out what the buzz is all about.

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