Why invest in smallcases with Kotak Securities?

Diversified baskets

Investing in multiple stocks/sectors protects you against volatility
in a single stock

Curated by professionals

SEBI-registered entities
curate smallcases

Exercise full control on investments

Create SIPs, manage investments
or exit a smallcase anytime

Reviewed periodically

Baskets are reviewed periodically
by professionals

No paperwork

Transact on smallcases
in just three clicks.

Discover smallcases

How to start investing in smallcases ?



Choose from a catalog of
over 40 smallcases



Select a suitable smallcase
that matches your investment objective


Invest & SIP

Invest in the smallcase
& set up an SIP for disciplined investing.

Frequently asked questions on smallcase


What are smallcases?

smallcases are modern investment products that help you build a low cost, long term and diversified portfolio.

  • Each smallcase is a professionally managed basket of stocks or ETFs that reflects a strategy, idea or theme
  • You can login with your Kotak Securities account and start investing right away
Why should I invest in smallcases?
How are smallcases different?
What are the fees charged?


How do smallcases work?
How do I choose a smallcase to start investing?
How do I track the performance of my investments?
Can I create my own smallcase?

Getting Started

How to place a smallcase order?
How can I invest more or exit from my smallcase?
How does SIP instalment work?
What is rebalancing and why is it important?

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