What is Online Trading & How to Do It

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  • 20 Oct 2023
What is Online Trading & How to Do It

Key Highlights

  • Trading online involves buying and selling financial instruments electronically, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities, and mutual funds.
  • Whenever a user buys a stock on an online platform, his order gets saved in the databases of both the trading member platform and the exchange platform. After the user confirms the order and the price matches his demands, the process is valid.
  • The majority of traders and investors prefer online platforms because they offer a more affordable experience.
  • It is mandatory to have a demat and trading account for online business trade

Online trading is the method of buying and selling financial instruments such as equities, bonds, stocks, ETFs, commodities, and mutual funds through an electronic interface. Within a few clicks, trading online has simplified a complex process.

Earlier, a buyer or seller had to reach out to a broker on the phone or physically execute the trade. It took a lot of time and effort to complete this process. Moreover, a broker used to have access to modify and execute your trade. However, with online business trading, the control is in your hands. As a result, trading online has ensured a better trading experience and transparency.

On online platforms, when a user places an order to buy a particular stock, his order is saved in the trading member and exchange platform databases. The data is then analysed across all platforms that sell that particular stock, and the result is displayed with the best possible price.

Once the price matches the user's demands and he confirms the order, the process is validated by both parties. Upon completion of all that, the broker usually has three days to complete the settlement of the funds, so the money is transferred to your account.

Several online trading platforms provide stock analysis that users can access. Additionally, it allows them to predict the future of the stock market and make informed decisions. It is easy to use, and commission fees are reduced on online platforms, which attract users. Ultimately, a properly funded account is crucial for executing trades smoothly.

There are more and more people joining the stock market every day as its popularity soars. In the long run, however, only a few traders succeed. To succeed in online stock trading, one must cultivate certain attributes. Let's look at them briefly:

1. Open Demat and Trading account To begin trading online, you need to open a demat and trading account with a depository participant (DP) and complete the documentation process by submitting documents such as PAN, aadhar, etc.

2. Knowledge and Analysis Online trading of stocks is not a get-rich scheme. You need to gain knowledge about the stock market. You can learn the basics of the stock market through several courses on the Internet.

3. Strategy and Psychology You should practise with a demo trading account before investing real money. Spending more time in the market enables you to become familiar with price dynamics and develop a trading strategy. By cultivating mental strength, you can trade in the ever-fluctuating stock market.

  • Trading online is cost-effective, time-saving, and effort-saving. By using it, you can save energy and brokerage fees.
  • You have full control over placing orders and managing portfolios.
  • Users can hassle-free track the stock performance and returns of their portfolio.
  • Fund transfer are swift & convenient due to fast payment gateways like UPI, etc.
  • Online trading is secure and transparent.
  • For online business trading, demat and trading accounts are mandatory
  • Select the broker as per your requirements
  • Before doing stock trades online, analyse the market and research thoroughly
  • To test various trading strategies, practise through a demo trading account.

There are many choices available for online trading, but you need to choose the right one. Let us help you identify the parameters to choose the right trading platform for you.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface

In choosing a platform, it is important to check how simple it is and how uncomplicated the user interface is. This platform will be your primary source of information for a long time to come, so you should be able to navigate it easily.

Low Brokerage Fees

The brokerage fees of different broking agencies should be compared before choosing one. Brokerage fees will become a concern as you will make multiple trades in the process. Therefore, choosing the right platform at the beginning can save you money.

Market Features

In a stock market, you can trade a variety of financial instruments. A platform should provide diverse options, which simply means that you can provide access to a wide range of instruments.

Technological Features

In online trading, speed is crucial, and apex technology is the only way to achieve it. The technology also plays a critical role in meeting the security needs of the user.


With online trading, you can search for stocks from different exchanges and pick a broker with the best prices and an easy-to-use platform like Kotak Securities. Once you've chosen your platform, you can place orders to buy or sell shares. Online trading has important benefits, like reducing costs and competition among brokers, which benefit traders and investors. It also decreases the reliance on intermediaries.

FAQs on Online Trading of Stocks

Yes, it is safe to trade online and earn money. In India, the trading of securities is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) of India. Although it is safe to trade online, you should do proper research and seek expert guidance before you invest.

Scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading are the four types of trading.

Yes. With a small investment of as little as Rs.100, you can achieve long-term wealth creation in the stock market.

Yes. Trading online in India does not require experience. As you apply for a Demat account with a broker, you can learn the steps. Using simple instructions for delivery-based trading, you can start trading in India once a Demat and trading account are opened.

With just Rs 10, you can start trading stocks. Nevertheless, a new investor can invest a reasonable sum, say 10,000 rupees. Gradually increase the amount as you gain more confidence and knowledge of the market.

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