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  • 23 Feb 2023

If you hold stocks in your DP account and would like to profit from market fluctuations without moving money to a trading account, you can take use of this feature. We offer stock valuation** margin of up to 83% in your DP. If you've been provided margin to trade stocks on, make sure to clear any debits from your account before the end of the day. In order to use this service, you need not fill out any additional papers.

As an example, if you have 100,000 in stocks in your portfolio, you can borrow up to Rs 83,000 in margin. You can use a scrip multiple to purchase up to 83,000 shares of stock times 6 shares, which is Rs 4,98,000.

  • Upto 83% of value of your stock as margin.
  • Allows you to buy more shares.
  • Buy stocks and clear debit at EOD.
  • Trade without transferring funds.

Kindly Note

Margin given against stocks depends upon stocks category. We can change stocks category without prior intimation, change in categorization depending upon market conditions and other risk criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is available to all clients.

Yes, this facility is available under all exchanges.

Login to the website or any other trading platform and check the limit page (Limit given against shares).

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