What is the Right Time to Invest In Stocks?

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  • 06 Oct 2023
What is the Right Time to Invest In Stocks?

Key Highlights

  • The right time to invest depends very much on your financial situation. Ensure your basic expenses are covered and you have an emergency fund before considering stock investments.

  • Your financial objectives, time horizon, and risk appetite play a significant role in determining the best time to buy shares for the long term.

  • A good understanding of how the share market works will certainly help in making informed investment decisions.

  • For intraday trading, the first hour after the stock market opens is appropriate. However, traders should allow the market to stabilise after opening.

To find the right time to invest in stocks, you should consider the following factors.

Availability Of Funds

Before you invest, it is essential to find out how much money you have. You must properly ensure that investing in the stock market does not lead to any kind of additional financial stress in your life. You must first properly ensure you have enough money for your daily and emergency expenses. It is highly crucial that you have an emergency fund for any kind of difficult situation that may arise at any unexpected time.

After covering these expenses, if you still have extra cash, you can say that it is a good time to invest in stock market. In an effort to invest their money in the markets, some investors frequently take out personal loans. Their strategy is to earn returns that outweigh their loan interest rates. Some people may earn a good success rate with this particular strategy. However, those who have just begun their share market journey should not implement it.

Your Investor Profile

All investors are indeed different from one another. Understanding your investor profile is the first step in figuring out the best time to buy shares for long term. This is a really simple matter. Simply take into account the following things:

1. Financial objectives: Every investor really wants to reach his or her financial goals. What are your wishes? Do you want to buy luxurious vehicles, save for vacations or your retirement? No matter what it is, it is important that you decide before beginning to invest. In addition, investors should note that they know how much investment will help them fulfill all their goals. This is very important.

2. Time horizon: After you have set your financial objectives, decide the time duration for which you want to invest. Achieving different financial goals requires different time frames. While short-term investing may be enough to buy a new car, saving for your retirement will demand longer investment periods.

3. Risk appetite: Being aware of your risk-taking capacity is very crucial for investing safely. By analysing risk tolerance levels the investors can avoid high-risk investments. For instance, they can avoid buying volatile or penny stocks. Such kind of stocks carry a large amount of risk, which may lead to huge losses. So, investors should avoid investments that are not in line with their investment objectives.

Knowledge Of Share Market Basics

If you properly know how share market works and how to trade, then you can start investing. If you are strong with the fundamentals, you can easily decide a good time to invest in stock market. For instance, you can analyse a stock's historical highs and lows. It can indeed be a very appropriate opportunity to buy if the price of a stock is close to its all-time low. It's true that the stock price may go down even further to newer lows. However, the chances of this happening are much higher when the price was near its all-time high.

Best Time To Buy Stocks During A Day

The trading hours in the Indian stock market are from 9:30 AM to 3:15 PM. For intraday traders who buy and sell stocks throughout the day, 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM is typically the best time to buy stocks. Within 15 minutes of opening, the stock market responds to the news after it last closed. Prior to making buy, hold, or sell choices, one can unintentionally be rash. It would be best if you wait till the market stabilises. After one or two hours of opening, the stock market's volatility and volume of traded equities tend to decline.

Besides, prolonged exposure to chart data on a given day in volatile stock markets can confuse and mentally exhaust a new investor. This can then result in bad choices that cause intraday traders to lose money frequently. There is also a common misconception among some investors. They believe one should buy stocks on Monday when they are supposedly at their lowest prices and sell them on Friday when they are at the highest price levels. If this were the case, a mismatched demand and supply would prevent the stock market from operating smoothly. Therefore, there is no "best trading time of the day.” However, looking out for inexpensive stocks or certain price fluctuations can be quite beneficial.

Here are some useful tips to invest in stocks at the right time.

1. Invest During Lows

The best time to buy shares for the long term is when they are inexpensive and available in greater quantities. Companies with low stock prices could decline even more. However, it is preferable to invest in them than costly stocks whose value may increase further. The price of the high-value stocks could fall, which would result in a loss for anyone trying to sell their shares. Conversely, shares bought at a loss are more likely to generate profits.

2. Conduct Extensive Research

Investors can begin investing once they have done enough due diligence on the stock market and have sufficiently examined a stock. The annual report of a company usually contains all the details about its present financial situation. In fact, the future plans of a company are also thoroughly mentioned in the annual report it releases. Usually, investors can find the annual reports of the respective companies on their websites.


To know what is the right time to invest in stocks, investors should carry out thorough research. It is very important that they follow share market live news to stay updated on all the critical events. They must learn to read the charts and indicators, which will help them analyse stocks. Understanding how the market works is crucial, too. In addition, every stock market investor should consider financial strength and risk taking capacity. Instead of always trying to time the market, investors should focus on long term value investing. For those who just started trading, short term strategies like intraday trading or short selling are too risky. Always invest in stocks that have a good intrinsic value. You will get better returns if you stay invested in them for a long time.

FAQs On Right Time To Invest In Stocks

Your unique financial objectives, level of risk tolerance, and investment plan will influence the right time to invest in stocks. There isn't a universal solution that will work for everyone.

Waiting for the market to go down is a risky approach to follow. Instead, you should focus on investing for the long run.

It is best to always invest in stocks for the long run. Short-term investing or trading demands high levels of trading skills. Go for short-term investing only if you have the requisite knowledge and skills.

To invest in the stock market, it is necessary to consider the future potential of stocks, market movements, economic conditions, and your overall financial circumstances.

The choice to invest in stocks or equity mutual funds depends on individual needs. People having enough stock market knowledge and ready to take risks can directly invest in stocks. If you want to avoid risk, mutual funds are a better choice.

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