How To Make Sure Your Investments Rise When Interest Rates Fall

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  • 27 Jan 2023
How To Make Sure Your Investments Rise When Interest Rates Fall

The interest rate keeps changing over time based on complex factors such as economic growth, inflation, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc. When the interest rate falls, the interest rate for bank deposits also falls, which makes them unfavorable investment options. However, you can look out for investments like mutual funds, bonds, and stocks during such market conditions.

Your Investments Can Rise When The Interest Rate Falls

The interest rate prevailing in the economy greatly impacts the financial markets. Depending on the interest rate fluctuations, a different category of investments outperforms.

Let’s take a look at the investment options that are good for falling interest scenarios.

We all know price and bonds and interest rates are inversely related. That means when the interest rate falls, bond prices go up and vice versa. When the interest rate tends to fall, new bonds issued will be lower-yielding ones. With this, older bonds issued at higher interest rates will gain more demand, and investors of these bonds would sell them at a premium on the secondary market. The higher the bond maturity period, the higher the impact of interest rate changes.

Suppose you are looking for bond investments that can rise in value during a falling interest rate scenario. In that case, you should consider investing in bonds with higher average maturity and debt-oriented mutual funds such as gilt funds and income funds.

However, stock investments are not directly impacted by the interest rate changes; there can be an indirect impact. When the interest rate falls, companies or businesses will enjoy the ability to finance their expansion plans at a lower rate and enhance their day-to-day operations to increase their future earning potential. This can result in higher profit, leading to price growth of the company’s stock.

Companies that have strong balance sheets and good cash flows usually benefit from cheaper financing options to further the expansion of their business. During a falling interest rate scenario, you can find and invest in a business executing its expansion plans utilising the cheaper financing opportunity. This can help you make sure your investment rises over a period. When the interest rate starts falling, consumers will tend to spend more. As the borrowing becomes cheaper, investors can look for lucrative opportunities to invest in real estate assets to increase the value of the investment. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be great investment options in a falling interest rate scenario.

In A Nutshell

Though you can benefit from a falling interest rate scenario by investing right, your investment should not completely be driven by the return expectation and interest rate changes. Your need, financial goal, time frame to achieve the goal, and risk tolerance level are the key factors to be considered while making any investment decision.

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