Important Investment Lessons to Learn from Lord Krishna

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  • 23 Jan 2023
Important Investment Lessons to Learn from Lord Krishna

The Bhagavad Gita has lessons for every aspect of our life, giving wisdom on life management, relationships, duty, and even investments. Everyone should read The Gita at least once in life, for the lessons it teaches and the wisdom it imparts to readers.

The teachings of Lord Krishna are timeless and relevant even today. These lessons and strategies helped the Pandavas win the battle of Mahabharat. Lord Krishna was a Charioteer in the war and guided Arjun throughout the war towards victory. Similarly, our financial knowledge and awareness are our charioteers and help us make informed decisions.

Don’t lose focus and perform your duty

During the war, Krishna told Arjun to perform his duties without thinking of the result because you lose focus on your goals when you think of the result. Similarly, to achieve your financial goals, you should take consistent actions without worrying too much about the market, which keeps going in the cycle of ups and downs. Often people are easily disheartened when the market rises or falls and either stop investing or invest in the wrong stocks. When you invest, always evaluate your options to match your goals and stay consistent with a Systematic Investment Plan, which will reap good returns over the long run.

Keep your emotions under control

Even before the war began during the Mahabharat, Arjun refused to fight against his family and mentor. Krishna reminded him of his duties and did not let him lose sight of his goals. Likewise, an investor should keep their emotions in control in any situation, whether good or bad, and not be driven by desires. Patience and a calm mind are needed to sail through a volatile market.

Be aware of the risks

Krishna knew from the beginning that Karna had a mighty shield and weapon given by Lord Indra, which was a threat to Arjun. So Krishna did not let Arjun and Karna come face to face. Just when Karna used his mighty weapon and stood without a shield, he made Arjun face Karna. Because of his foresight and awareness, Krishna could avoid a significant risk. Share market is also like a battleground where there are a lot of risks. Being aware of the risks and opportunities helps protect your investments.

Change strategy when needed

Krishna always followed the path of truth, but when needed during the war, he changed his strategy and made Yudhistir tell Dronacharya the half-truth of Ashwathama’s death. This caused Dronacharya to drop his arms. Investments also require constant monitoring and a change in strategy when it doesn’t work. If an instrument has been in loss for a long time, it doesn’t make sense to remain invested. Hence, as an investor, you should monitor your investments and analyse your investment strategy. It is always recommended to shift investments when needed to avoid any exposure to volatility.


There are many lessons to be learned from the Mahabharat and the Gita. The lessons of performing righteous duty, keeping desires in control, and being aware will help you achieve your financial goals and your life goals.

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