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H1- Where to apply for passport

A passport is a document you need in order to travel outside your country. It is also a proof of identity, residence, and citizenship. The Ministry of External Affairs issues this document to eligible citizens of India who apply for passport.

H2- How does it work?

Now, we can’t write to the Ministry of External Affairs or make an application to the ministry. There is a Central Passport Organisation (CPO), which has its own network of offices throughout India.

  • There is a regional passport office (RPO) in each region of India.
  • Each RPO has its own network of Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs).

These centres process all applications and issue the passports. Citizens need to check the jurisdiction of their nearest PSK before they file an application for a passport.


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H2- How about remote areas?

You may live in a relatively inaccessible area. You may be uncertain of the jurisdiction of the PSK you should approach. But there is a simple solution. There is a district passport cell attached to every district headquarter. The office of the District Superintendent of Police may house one. Or, it may operate out of the Collectorate. Why don’t you make inquiries at the district headquarters?


If that seems like an arduous process, go online. You will be able to find out your nearest passport cell from a list that the government website has. In certain remote areas, there is a common service centre which is equipped to process all passport applications from the area. Also, some speed post centres may process passport applications.


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H2- How do you know where to apply for passport?


Where you apply for passport does not merely depend upon your geographic location.  The kind of passport you are applying for, the reason, any urgency, or your particular situation—like pending criminal cases against you—will decide where and how you apply.


H2- Applying for a fresh passport online

If you have access to the internet, this is the easiest way to apply for a passport.


  • You need to visit the passport portal, https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink.
  • You need to register at the passport portal and create a user account. Keep all details of this account, like log-in ID and password, safe. It is not advisable to share these details with anybody else.
  • Log on to the portal with your user account credentials.
  • Download the e-form. Print it out. Fill in all details with precision. You can upload this later. Or, you can fill in your application form online. (Read more: Passport FAQs and queries)
  • With your passport application, you need to furnish proof of address, residence, and identity. There is a list of documents that are considered as admissible. Go through the list. These would include
    • your birth certificate or school-leaving certificate which bears date of birth,
    • your election photo identity card, Aadhaar, PAN card, or driving licence,
    • your parents’ or spouses’ passport details,
    • your rent agreement and copies of utility bills in case your local address is not the same as your permanent address.

Do check the list online to see that you do not miss out on any important one. (More on documents required for Indian passport)

  • Upload scanned copies of all relevant documents. However, you will have to carry the originals when you go for your appointment. (Read more: How to make online appointment for passport)
  • Pay your application fee. (Read more: Fees and charges)

Remember, you can also apply offline and have your jurisdictional passport office process your application. The payment modality differs across the different kinds of offices. At district passport cells, a demand draft may suffice. At speed post centres, both cash and demand draft are accepted. Write your name on the back of the demand draft.


H2- How to apply for passport (or renewal) from outside India

  • Log in to the government passport portal to download your application form.
  • Find out the Indian consulate or diplomatic mission in the country you reside in. You are required to submit your passport application in person.
  • Carry your filled-in passport application form and all supporting documents. Call them ahead of time to know the procedure for seeking appointments and timings.
  • Once your documents are verified, you will have to pay the requisite fees.
  • Collect the passport issued to you in person.

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H2- Applying for a diplomatic or official passport

This is a special category of applications. Usually, the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division in Patiala House in New Delhi handles all such applications. However, there is provision for application at the passport office under whose jurisdiction the applicant’s current residential address falls.

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H2 How to apply for passport for short validity

A certain category of passport is issued for a short duration of between one and 10 years.

You can apply:

  • online,
  • at your PSK, district passport cell, or common service centre, or
  • at an Indian consulate or diplomatic mission if you live abroad.

However, your application will be considered only if you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You are a student who will have to go abroad at short notice for an international examination like SAT, TOEFL and are otherwise unable to get a passport before the date of your exam. Your application will be considered under the Tatkaal provision. But you must have supporting documents in order.
  • You are an Indian citizen whose passport has been lost in transit. In such circumstances, a short validity passport will be issued to you, which may be turned to a full-term passport upon performing certain formalities. (Read more: Lost/damaged passport queries)
  • You have applied for a passport while there is pending criminal case against you. The court where your case is pending has to issue you a written permission. Subject to all other conditions being fulfilled, you may get a short validity passport which is valid for one year.
  • You live abroad, but are an Indian citizen and want to make a short trip to India. You will, under normal circumstances, get immediate approval for a passport valid for one year.

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H2- How to apply for passport under special circumstances

The RPO directly handles certain kinds of applications. Your application will be handled by the RPO, if you

  • Need a passport for special purposes like travelling to places like Taiwan
  • Have made an application to the district passport cell already, but they have forwarded your case to the RPO
  • Need an official or diplomatic passport
  • Present a complex case that needs close scrutiny and has been sent to the RPO by the officer at the PSK

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