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A Guide To The Tatkal Passport

Having to go on a sudden trip abroad can throw everything out of gear. Not having a valid passport can add to the complexity of planning for your overseas travel. But the Tatkal passport service can ease your stress to some extent.

Should you need to get a passport urgently, the Tatkal service can help. For an extra fee, it speeds up the processing time of your passport application. Besides, applying for a Tatkal passport is not too different from applying for a regular one.

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Normal and Tatkal passports

Applicants seeking an Indian passport can choose between two passport application modes:

  • Normal mode
  • Tatkal mode

The two modes differ in the time needed for processing. The Tatkal passport application is processed much quicker than one filed under the normal mode. Let’s look at how the two differ:

  • Normal mode

The processing time for an application under the normal mode is 30 to 60 days. Unless yours is a complex case, you would only have to provide proofs of present address and date of birth in this mode.

  • Tatkal mode

A Tatkal passport application is generally processed in three to seven days. However, the paperwork requirements are slightly higher than in the normal mode. (More on how to get a passport in 7 days)

For a Tatkal application, you would have to provide the following:

  • Proofs of present address and date of birth (e.g. Aadhaar card, voter’s ID, ration card, property documents, PAN card, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Standard affidavit as per Annexure E (required in case of fresh passports)

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You could get a Tatkal passport in as little as three days. Simply mention in your application form the number of days within which you would want the passport. No proof of urgency is required.

As with standard passport applications, police verification is a key step of the passport application process. Opting for the Tatkal mode will not allow you to avoid the police verification altogether. The passport officer concerned will decide whether to carry out the police verification before or after issuing the passport.

Are you eligible for a Tatkal passport?

The concerned passport office takes a call on whether or not to issue a Tatkal passport. The officer in charge may take into consideration the reason you need it so urgently, along with some other factors.

Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible to apply under the Tatkal scheme. You may not get a Tatkal passport if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • An applicant of Indian descent born to Indian parents outside India
  • An applicant who has been granted Indian citizenship via naturalisation or registration
  • An applicant who has been deported to India from some other country
  • An applicant who has been repatriated from some other country at the cost of the Government of India
  • An applicant who has undergone a major name change
  • A resident of Jammu and Kashmir
  • A resident of Nagaland
  • An Indian citizen of Naga origin who resides outside Nagaland
  • A child who has been adopted by Indian and foreign parents
  • A minor child with a single parent
  • A minor residing in Nagaland
  • An applicant seeking renewal for a short validity passport
  • An applicant seeking a fresh passport after the older passport was lost or stolen
  • An applicant whose current passport is damaged beyond recognition
  • An applicant who has undergone a change in sex or appearance
  • An applicant whose personal credentials (such as signature) have changed

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How to apply for a Tatkal passport

The procedure of applying for a Tatkal passport is similar to that of a normal passport application. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Passport Seva website. If you are a new user, click on the Register Nowlink on the homepage.
  • Use your login ID and password to log in to your account.
  • Choose between Fresh and Reissue of passport.
  • Next, select the Tatkal
  • Fill the required fields in the application form and submit. At this stage you would also have to upload self-attested copies of your supporting documents.
  • To schedule an appointment, click on the Pay and Schedule Appointment You will find this under View Saved/Submitted Applications.
  • Click on Print Application Receipt. Take a printout of the application receipt and note down the application reference number (ARN) or appointment number.
  • Go to the Passport Seva Kendra where you have booked your appointment on the scheduled date. Do not forget to carry your original documents. (More on how to make online appointment for passport)

Charges for Tatkal passport

While the procedure of applying for a normal passport and a Tatkal passport are very similar, you pay extra for the latter. The application fee for a 36-page passport booklet is Rs 1,500 in the normal mode. For a 60-page booklet it is Rs 2,000. The fee for getting a Tatkal passport is slightly higher depending on the type of passport you are applying for. (Read more: Passport fee calculator)

Fresh passport under the Tatkal scheme:

Size of booklet


36 pages

Rs 3,500

60 pages

Rs 4,000


Reissue of passport under Tatkal scheme:

Reason for reissue: ‘Validity Expired/Due to Expire’

Size of booklet


36 pages

Rs 3,500

60 pages

Rs 4,000


Reason for reissue: ‘Delete ECR/Change in Personal Particular’

Size of booklet


36 pages

Rs 3,500

60 pages

Rs 4,000


Reason for reissue: ‘Exhaustion of Pages’

Size of booklet


36 pages

Rs 3,500

60 pages

Rs 4,000


Reason for reissue: ‘Lost/Damaged Passport’

Size of booklet


36 pages

Rs 3,500 (if passport has expired)

Rs 5,000 (if passport has not expired)

60 pages

Rs 4,000 (if passport has expired)

Rs 5,500 (if passport has not expired)


You can pay the fees online by using net banking or a credit/debit card. Another option is to use a State Bank of India challan.

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Points to remember

  • In case of minor applicants below four years of age, carry a recent passport-sized photograph (4.5 X 3.5 cm) with a white background.
  • Make sure to visit the PSK within 90 days of the date of application submission. Otherwise, resubmission of the application form would be required.
  • Carrying a printout of the application receipt is no longer mandatory. You will receive an SMS with your appointment details on your mobile number. This SMS would also serve as proof of appointment.

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FAQ on Tatkal Passport

A citizen who needs to travel abroad urgently can apply for a passport under the Tatkal scheme. Such an application ensures that the passport application is processed in a much faster manner. The passport is also issued much more speedily.

What fee do you have to pay under the Tatkal scheme?

You need to pay an extra fee under the Tatkal scheme. You need to pay this over and above the regular fee. You can find the details of the fees to be paid in the ‘Fee Calculator’ link on the homepage of the Passport Seva online portal.

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Which applicants cannot apply under the Tatkal scheme?

  • Applicants who have been sent back to India from a foreign country or are involved in cases involving emergency certificates
  • Applicants who have been sent back from a foreign country at the Government’s cost
  • Indian citizens by naturalisation/registration (citizenship granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs)
  • Indians by descent (i.e. those born to Indian parents but who live outside India)
  • Indian applicants who have undergone major changes in their names
  • Nagaland residents
  • Applicants of Naga origin but who live outside Nagaland
  • Jammu and Kashmir residents
  • Children adopted by Indian parents
  • Children adopted by foreigners
  • Divorced parents
  • Parents who are separated but not yet divorced
  • A minor with a single parent
  • A minor from Nagaland
  • Applicants with damaged/stolen/lost passports cannot reapply under the Tatkal scheme
  • Applicants with a short validity passport
  • Applicants who have undergone a sex change
  • Applicants who have modified their looks or appearance
  • Applicants who have a correction or change in their birth dates
  • Applicants who have a correction or change in their birthplaces
  • Applicants who have changed their signatures
  • Applicants who have a change in their mother’s/father’s name

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When is the passport dispatched under the Tatkal scheme?

The passport dispatch time depends on the type of police verification.

Category 1—If police verification is required before your passport is issued
On a pre-passport issuance basis, your passport should be sent to you within three working days. First, a ‘Recommendatory’ police verification report must be received from the police department.

Category 2—If police verification is not required
You can expect your passport to be sent in a single day. This does not include the date of application.

Category 3—If police verification is needed after the passport is issued
On a post-passport issuance basis, you can expect your passport to be sent to you on the third working day. This excludes the date on which the application was submitted. In this case, the authorities will not wait for the report. (Read more: Police verification FAQs)

(i) The processing time will be around 30 days (excluding the date on which the application was submitted) in complex cases. These include:

  • adoption
  • an application on behalf of a minor by a single parent
  • a major change in name
  • a duplicate passport
  • doubtful documentation.

Extra processing time will be needed for mandatory pre-passport issuance police verification cases. This would be applicable in the case of Jammu and Kashmir and Nagaland subjects.

 (ii) A data check is carried out in the system. The passport is issued subject to this check, after it is found that there is no adverse entry and/or report.

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Can a minor apply under the Tatkal scheme if his/her parents have a criminal record or adverse police report?

A minor can apply, subject to the Passport Officer’s approval. (More on minor passport)

What are the appointment quotas under the Tatkal scheme?

There are two kinds of appointment quotas for Tatkal applicants:

  • Normal appointment
  • Tatkal appointment

If you are a Tatkal applicant and cannot schedule an early appointment under the Tatkal quota, you would need to book one under the Normal quota. But the Tatkal fee is the same under both the appointment quotas.

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