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What are the PAN card application form

Permanent Account Number (PAN) card acts as identification for Indian citizens and companies. It is especially useful for filing Income Tax returns. The 10-digit unique number is issued by the Income Tax Department under the directive of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Different forms for PAN application:

The PAN card is mandatory for a wide range of financial transactions and is also linked to other identity documents like the Aadhaar card. So, it is better to have a PAN card handy. If you don’t have one already, you may need to know more about form 49A and form 49AA.


: This form applies to Indian citizens, Indian companies and foreign companies that run their business in India. NRIs who are Indian citizens also use Form 49A to enrol for a PAN card. You can download it from the NSDL website and fill the PAN card application form offline or online.

Components of form 49A:

  • 1) Assessing officer code: It is the first field in the form. One can find the accessing officer in their area on the NSDL website here: https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan2/servlet/AOSearch
  • 2) Full Name: Enter your full name with title such as Mr/Ms/Mrs
  • 3) Abbreviation of your name: It is advisable to use the same name as mentioned in your other documents. The name you mention here will be used on your PAN card
  • 4) Gender
  • 5) Date of birth for an individual and date of incorporation for companies
  • 6) Details of parents
  • 7) Address: Include your residence as well as office address if the form is filled by an individual or else enter only the office address in case of the company
  • 8) Mobile number and email id
  • 9) Status of the applicant: Choose any of the categories from below –
    • - Individual
    • - Hindu Undivided family
    • - Company
    • - Partnership firm
    • - Government
    • - Association of persons
    • - Trusts
    • - Body of individuals
    • - Local authority
    • - Artificial juridical persons
    • - Limited liability partnership
  • 10) Registration number: To be entered only by companies applying for PAN card
  • 11) Aadhaar details such as name and number
  • 12) Source of income
  • 13) Proofs: Identity, address and date of birth documents
  • 14) Declaration: You can use your photograph as eSignature here


:Individuals who are not citizens of India and unincorporated entities formed outside India use this form for PAN card application. The PAN card application form is available online and can be downloaded to apply offline.

Components of form 49AA include individuals and organizations.

For individuals:

  • 1) Marital Status
  • 2) Citizenship
  • 3) Occupation details: private/public sector, business professional, homemaker, student or other

For non-individuals:

  • 1) Type of company
  • 2) Gross annual income
  • 3) Net-worth in INR
  • 4) Persons holding beneficial ownership
  • 5) Entities providing following services:
    • - Foreign exchange
    • - Moneychanger service
    • - Lottery services
    • - Pawing
    • - Money lending service
  • 6) Applicants authorised signature
  • 7) Tax identification number of the country of residence

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