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NRI Privileged Account

Advantage NRI Privileged Account - Kotak Securities Assist:

  • With NRI Privileged account, you can look forward to enjoying complete investment solutions that fetch you healthy returns for your money.
  • At hand is our expert NRI investment team, who constantly evaluate the market conditions, telling you when and where to invest. We are backed by solid fundamental research, which factors in the state of economy as well as a company's performance. We also have some of India's finest Research Analysts who work hard to empower you to meet your objectives.
  • You can now avail 80% margin against your executed & unbilled delivery marked trades.
  • We take into consideration your long-term profit objectives and recommend against taking exposure on existing margins thereby reducing the risk element.
  • You also get to enjoy complete account transparency with the facility to view your ledgers and reports online. With the Portfolio Tracker at your disposal, you can monitor your investments at any point of time.
  • Even if you are taxed for time and not in a position to actively monitor your account, we will make your money work for you, regardless.
  • You can buy IPO, MF and also have the facility to trade on both - NSE and BSE.
Why NRI Account ?
  • Multifunctional account in India
  • 24x7 access to seamless trading
  • Access to Kotak research and facilities
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