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NRI Brokerage

“Brokerage” is the fee that stock broking houses charge to enable you to carry out a trade in the stock markets. Brokerage rates are charged as a percentage of the total traded volumes, subject to a nominal fixed brokerage amount of Rs.50 with every executed order in the cash segment.

The Kotak Securities Advantage

Since we at Kotak Securities believe that trading in the stock market should be a profitable venture, we keep our brokerage charges at the bare minimum. With one of the most competitive NRI brokerage plan in the country, nothing stops you from creating wealth for yourself in your homeland!

Other benefits include:

  • Kotak Securities is the brokerage house with the largest IPO distribution in India
  • With online trading, trade on phone, our mobile trading app, dedicated trading platforms (KEAT Pro X, Xtralite, Fastlane) and our vast network of 1255 branches, franchisees and offices across India, New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and Mauritius; you are spoilt for choice about ways to invest in the Indian stock markets.
  • Our dedicated research division arms you with all the knowledge you’ll need about equities, company performance, industry trends, stock recommendations and more.

Why NRI Brokerage plans?
  • Opens all trading options
  • Investments across markets
  • Stay connected with India
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Charges for NRI Trading Accounts

A host of fees and taxes are a part of your life when you trade in the stock markets. Your aim as an investor should be to minimize your fees and maximize your returns.

Non Resident Indians (NRIs) can take advantage of not just great currency exchange rates by investing in India, but also enjoy the benefit of competitive brokerage rates with their Kotak Securities trading account.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs of trading with the basic NRI Account:

Account Opening Charges Rs.3750
Brokerage 1% of the turnover OR
25 Paise per share, whichever is higher
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) 0.1%
Average Quarterly Balance in Savings Rs.10,000

Short term Capital Gain Tax of 15.45% on profit is applicable if stocks are sold within a year of purchase.

Account maintenance fee
Account Maintenance Fee
PIS Rs.1000 per year
Demat Rs.75 per month

Average Quarterly Balance of Rs.10000 to be maintained in Savings Account.

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