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How to change the registered mobile number in Aadhaar card

Most Aadhaar-based transactions are authenticated by sending an OTP to the mobile number registered against your Aadhar. If you change your mobile number and don’t update it on Aadhaar, you will not be able to authenticate OTP-based transactions.

The only way you can change your registered mobile number in your Aadhar card is by visiting an enrolment centre near you.

How to change registered mobile number in Aadhar Card Offline

  1. Step 1:   Visit the nearest enrolment centre. You can search for one on this link: https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/centersearch.aspx
  2. Step 2: Ask for the Aadhaar correction/ update form and fill it up with all your details.
  3. Step 3:   Mention the updated right mobile number
  4. Step 4:   Submit the form to the enrolment officer
  5. Step 5:   The enrolment executive will hand over an acknowledgement slip including a URN number
  6. Step 6:   Check the status of your request on the UIDAI website with the help of URN number
  7. Step 7:   Your mobile number will get updated in 90 days
  8. Step 8:   Note: a fee of INR 30 must be paid to the enrolment centre to avail the service

Benefits of updating registered mobile number in Aadhar

  1. -   Your registered mobile number is used for authenticating all Aadhar verification requests. If your mobile number is not updated, you will
        not be able to use Aadhar for your online KYC needs.
  2. -   Without a registered mobile number, you cannot access the services on the Aadhar portal such as downloading your Aadhar card or changing your address or locking and unlocking biometrics.
  3. -   You can use the mAadhar app only on your registered mobile number
  4. -   If you don’t update your registered mobile number, it can be misused if it is in the possession of another person.

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