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How to apply for Aadhaar Card?

What is an Aadhaar card?

The Aadhaar card is a unique identification document that includes demographics as well as biometric information of an individual. You can use it as a valid identity proof to open an account, to get a mobile connection, to get electricity or gas connections, to access government services, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, getting an Aadhar card is not mandatory. However, it is a good document to have because it simplifies access to many services.

Registration Process for an Aadhaar card:

Before you go

Step 1: Log in and download the Aadhaar (https://uidai.gov.in/images/aadhaar_enrolment_correction_form_version_2.1.pdf) application form

Step 2: Fill in details like name, address, mobile number, etc.

Step 3: Find an Aadhaar enrolment centre near your location. The nearest Aadhaar centres in Tier 1 cities are found here: https://uidai.gov.in/images/Tier1_Cities_PECs.pdf. For other cities, use the following link: https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx.

Step 4: Visit the enrolment centre

At the enrolment centre

Step 5: Submit the document along with your identity and address proofs to the enrolment officer

Step 6: The enrolment officer will then conduct your Aadhaar biometrics: iris scan and fingerprint scan

Step 7: The enrolment executive will click your passport size photograph

Step 8: The officer will provide you with an acknowledgement slip with a 14-digit number

After enrolment

Step 9: Use the 14-digit number to check the status of your Aadhaar

Step 10: The physical copy of the Aadhaar will arrive in 60 to 90 days

How to download your Aadhaar card online via enrolment number or VID:

Step 1: Visit https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

Step 2: You can download your Aadhar card using your Aadhar number, VID or Enrolment number (EID). Check one of the options.

Step 3: Enter the Aadhaar, VID or Enrolment number followed by a full name, pin code and security code.

Step 4: Request for an OTP

Step 5: Enter the OTP code on the box and click on ‘download Aadhaar’

Step 6: A PDF format of the Aadhaar will be downloaded on your PC

Step 7: Open the PDF with the 14-digit enrolment number and pin code

Step 8: Use the printed version as original document until the physical copy arrives

Benefits of getting an Aadhar card

- It one of the most authentic ID proofs because it is linked to biometric data

- You can use it to avail a wide range of government and public services – be it opening a bank account or getting a mobile connection; buying a rail ticket or getting an LPG gas connection; applying for a new electricity connection or accessing a government service. The Aadhar card is widely accepted.

- You can avail of direct transfer benefit from the government. For example, the government offers a subsidy on LPG connections. If you have an Aadhar card linked to your gas connection, then the subsidy amount is directly credited to your account.

- It speeds up many processes – from getting or renewing a passport to getting your pension on time.

- It makes life convenient – you can complete many applications or processes online from the comfort of your home if you have an Aadhar card

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