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How to apply for Aadhaar Card for your Child

Like a ration card, voter’s ID card or passport, an Aadhaar card, too, is accepted as proof of identity and address. You can use your Aadhar card to open a bank account, get a new mobile connection, access utility services, etc. An individual of any age is eligible for Aadhaar card, including kids. In fact, hospitals today provide Aadhaar enrolment acknowledgement slips along with a child’s birth certificate.

Why is Aadhaar card necessary for minors?

As mentioned earlier, an Aadhaar card is a valid proof of identity. And you can use it for your children’s school admissions to get them access to other government and public services.

The government has a simple application process to ensure every kid holds an Aadhaar in the country.

How to apply for an Aadhaar card for kids below 5 years:

Step 1: Visit a nearby Aadhaar enrolment centre. Your nearest enrolment centre can be found in the list here: (https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx)

Step 2: Carry any parent’s original as well as a copy of the Aadhaar card

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar card details in the form

Step 4: The enrolment officer will take a photograph of your child

Step 5: Fill in the address, name, mobile number and other details in the form

Step 6: The enrolment officer will not take any biometric of your child as children below 5 don’t need to provideAadhaar biometric information.

Step 7: Track your Aadhaar with the help of the 14-digit enrolment number on the UIDAI website

Step 8: You will receive the physical copy of your Aadhaar in 90 days at your residence

Aadhaar card application process for kids above 5 years:

Step 1: Locate the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre (https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx)

Step 2: Carry any parent’s Aadhaar card

Step 3: Fill in details like Aadhaar number, name and other information

Step 4: Submit the form and essential documents to the enrolment officer

Step 5: The enrolment officer will conduct biometrics of your child like iris scan and fingerprints scan as well as take a passport size photograph

Step 6: The enrolment executive will hand over an acknowledgement slip containing a 14-digit enrolment number

Step 7: Use the number to generate your Aadhaar from the UIDAI website

Step 8: The physical copy of the Aadhaar will be delivered at your residence in 90 days

What are the documents required while visiting an Aadhaar enrolment centre?

1) Birth certificates original as well as a copy

2) One of parents Aadhaar card's original as well as a copy

3) School identity card and a letter from the school for children above 5 years

What are the benefits of Aadhaar card for child?

- It acts as identity proof for your child

- It’s easier for authorities to trace your child with the help of an Aadhaar card if he/she goes missing

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