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Open a demat account in New Delhi

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • There’s something about Delhi. The city is fast and fearless, colourful and quick, and yet rooted in centuries of tradition. The city boasts world-class infrastructure and is high-tech in the true sense of the word. Famous for its food and quaint charm, the Indian capital is nonpareil for many reasons.

    In a sense, Delhi stands for the qualities you need when venturing into the stock market. Your trading experience must be based on quick decisions, knowledge gleaned from long-term market experience, and the ability to act on the right impulses. So, if you are in New Delhi and have imbibed its spirit, a demat account from Kotak Securities is all you need to get started on your journey through the stock market.

    Benefits of a Kotak Securities demat account:

    Easy start

    The account opening process is swift and paperless. And once you do your KYC, you don’t need to do this with any other intermediary in the future.

    Easy to use

    Your trade is done electronically. There’s no paper certificate to keep in the safe. And the Kotak Stock Trader app helps you track the markets, transfer funds, and trade over phone even as you enjoy your gol gappas at Rajauri Gardens.

    Fast processes

    Time is of essence in the stock market. You can make quick transfers with your Kotak Securities demat account to leverage the best opportunities in a timely manner.

    3-in-1 account to save time

    Short on time? Try our Trinity Account, which is a combo of demat, trading, and savings accounts. You can get all your finances sorted even as you wait for the next metro to Hauz Khas.

    Cut down costs

    A Kotak Securities demat account pares down all fees and charges to help account holders. A frequent trader will be on a different tariff plan from one who trades sporadically.

    Easy to think small

    With Kotak Securities, you can buy and sell just a single share if you want to. For those starting out, this is a real bonus.

    Your data is secure

    With a Kotak Securities demat account, your holdings remain safe in an electronic form. There is zero risk of forgery, damage, or loss.

    Extra funds, no extra charge

    Using margin trading, you can make a deal even when you are short on funds. Also, the trade free plan feature lets you buy and sell shares in a single trading day at no extra charge.

    Use the latest research

    Kotak Securities brings you the latest in market research. You get access to a range of reports on the financial markets. The insights are just a click away.

    From Connaught Place to KG Marg, Kotak Securities is there to help you with demat services across Delhi. But you needn’t worry if you wish to open an account from any other metros, because the services are available in these cities too: