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How to renew a Driving License in India

Every Driving License in India comes with an expiry date. After that date, your Driving License is invalid. You should renew it if you want to drive legally in India. Driving without a valid license is a punishable offence

When should you renew your Driving License?

In India, a DL is valid for 20 years or till the age of 50, whichever comes earlier. You can renew your license up to one year before expiry. After expiry, you have a grace period of one year to renew the license or it will lapse and you will have to apply for a new one.

Why should you renew your Driving License?

  • Driving requires physical and mental skills. A competent driver must have good eyesight and reflexes and be able to stay attentive on the wheel. With age, your physical and mental abilities slow down. Since a driving license is valid for 20 years or till you attain the age of 50, it’s important to reconfirm that you are fit enough to drive a vehicle.
  • A Driving License is a legal document. It is important to keep it up to date. If you continue to drive without renewing your license, you can be penalized for breaking the law.
  • If you are in an accident and have an expired driving license, your insurance company will refuse to settle your claims. This could prove expensive for you. Therefore, renew your license on time.
  • You can use your Driving License as proof of identity and age for a variety of purposes. If it’s not renewed and updates, you will not be able to use it as an official document
  • Many things can change in 20 years – your address, your name (post marriage) etc. You can, of course, update these details at any time. But renewal offers you a chance to get all this automatically corrected.

What is the validity period for renewed Driving License?

A duly filled application form, relevant documents should be submitted to Assistant Regional Transport Office (RTO) in your state. Your Driving License will be renewed for the following period:

  • If you own a non-transport vehicle, your Driving License gets renewed for 5 years
  • If you have a transport vehicle, your Driving License is renewed for 3 years
  • If you are renewing your license from the same office where you earlier applied for one, you will receive the license on the same day
  • If the case is different from any of the above, it takes 20 days to get your Driving License

Documents required while renewing your Driving License:

  • Renewal form that can be downloaded from your state RTO website or collected from the nearest transport office
  • A medical certificate signed by the practitioner. Again, this is downloadable from your RTO website
  • Valid Driving License
  • Age, address and ID proofs (Aadhaar is mandatory)
  • Passport size photograph
  • NOC letter if renewing through another state

How to renew your Driving License online?

You can renew your Driving License online as well as offline. You have to fill form 9 if you are renewing offline or else can do it via Sarathi Parivahan by following the steps:

  • Visit the Sarathi Parivahan website --(https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice10/stateSelection.do) which is run by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.
  • Select your state
  • Under ‘apply online’ section on the homepage, select Driving License services option
  • Read the instructions as well as the services the website offers carefully and click continue
  • Fill in your Driving License information
  • Upload the necessary documents again if you have made any changes on your application to your age, ID or address proofs (PAN card, Aadhaar, passport, visa, medical certificate, etc.), previously held Driving License details, NOC letter by your earlier Driving License issuing authority
  • Upload your photo and signature. Remember, this feature is only available for certain states
  • Book a slot for your test if there are changes in your medical certificate
  • The amount payable for renewing Driving License is INR 200. Make the payment via net banking/debit or credit card

How can you renew a Driving License offline?

  • Approach your RTO centre and collect form 9
  • Add all personal details, attach the necessary documents including NOC letter if renewing from another state
  • Enclose your valid Driving License details as well as a photograph
  • Pay a nominal fee of INR 200 (as per 2018) and book a test slot if there is any change in your medical condition
  • Take the exam and receive your Driving License the next day, if you pass

Please note, you may sometimes be able to renew your license without going through a test. That mostly happens if you are still under 50 and have renewed your license in time. If you are over 50 or there is any change in your medical condition you may have to undergo the test. (What to expect in a Driving License test?)

What is the fee to renew a Driving License?

The standard fee is INR 200 across India but may vary in some states to. When you renew your license, you will most likely receive a Smart Card DL even if you currently have a booklet or PVC driving license. This will cost an additional INR 200.

These fees will apply only if renew within the grace period of 30 days after expiry. If you renew after 30 days, you will have to pay INR 300 for the basic license, plus Rs 1000 for every year of delay, plus Rs 200 for a Smart Card (a total of INR Rs 1500)

FAQs about renewing driving license

Can I make changes to my driving license when I renew?

Yes, you can change your address, name etc when you renew. Make sure you provide the relevant documentary proof for the changes you request.

Is it compulsory to undergo a test when I renew my license?

A practical test is not mandatory. It may be required if you have crossed the age of 50 or there is any change in your medical condition.