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    Today’s Investor Through Amitabh Bachchan’s Bioscope

    Main aur meri tanhai, aksar yeh baatein karte hai...mein ye stock aise trade karta, wo bond khareedta...

    Publish Date: May 02nd, 2019

    By: Sandhya Kannan, Head – Content

    Amitji has given us characters from all walks of life. Be it the well-mannered, docile professor from Chupke Chupke or a Don being chased by gyarah mulkon ki police, Amitabh Bachchan has given the world personalities that people relate to even to this day.

    When it comes to the stock market, there are only a few combinations of behaviourisms possible to group investors. Going by what Francois said, there is a Doppleg?nger for every character essayed by Amitabh Bachchan behind the unique faces of our investors.

    Let’s look at which characters stand out to assign characteristics to every investor group!

    The Angry Young Investor, Vijay Verma from Deewar

    Imagine an investor who is very dedicated to his goal of earning extra money through the stock market but is unaware of the right way. He ventures into the market with no prior information just like Vijay who was very passionate about his goals. Even with all his intentions in the right place, his lack of knowledge leads his journey to begin on the wrong track and continue likewise. Despite having bangla, gaadi and bank balance, he did not get maa.

    An investor with Vijay’s temperament will be very prone to abrupt decisions and panic trades. He will be more prone to losses because the decisions made will be half-baked. With very little thought put across for each buy or sell, investors who mirror Vijay Verma will end up losing everything as he does in the movie.

    The One Who Goes with the Bandwagon, Prof. Sukumar Sinha from Chupke Chupke

    Remember the adorable man with a burst of comic laughter who followed his friend Dr. Parimal Tripathi due to his immense respect for him? Prof. Sukumar Sinha in the stock market is the guy who takes investment decisions only because someone told him that it would bring him a lot of money.

    With incomplete information shared with him from a reliable source, the character ends up finding happiness in small wins. Such investors keep rejoicing the small rewards and never aim for the big award of stock market investments.

    This happens when the decision to buy, sell, accumulate, are all dictated to you by someone else. You do not put in any research or thought into the trades which had the potential to bring you a lot more than just a few extra bucks.

    We often come across instances where an investor says that I sold my shares because someone told me that it would be the right time to. However, as it turns out, the stock keeps rising further and the follower of the bandwagon ends up making a limited earning.

    The Finicky & Fearful, Bhaskor Banerjee from Piku

    We all know how particular and tight Piku’s baba is about absolutely everything. If Bhaskor was to invest in the stock market, his situation would be like the scene from the film where he had to decide the mode of transport to Kolkata. In the first instance, neither was train an acceptable option nor was flight. Even when they started their road trip to Kolkata, they are faced with a hurdle and Bhaskor comes up with absolutely no solution.

    Investors like Bhaskor will never be able to decide the right time and the right stock to invest in. They will always be fearful of the market conditions worsening anytime after they place a trade. These investors, exactly like Bhaskor, are so concerned about their portfolio’s health that they are over-medicated and over-diagnosed. This often leads to them missing out on great cashing and buying opportunities due to their unrealistic expectations.

    That is not the end, they spread the joy they experience everywhere like the scene where Bhaskor goes on and on about his health issues and how others could get affected by it.

    The Daredevil - Don

    A man who has enough spunk to escape from the police forces of 11 countries is definitely a seasoned daredevil! If Don was an investor, his jangli billi would be penny stocks! Taking risk was his personality and the same would have been extended into the stock market investments too.

    A risk taker by nature is not someone who acts blindly. They observe and learn, understand each and every movement before executing a trade. Not only are the stakes of these investors high, even the returns they reap sore upwards. So, as glamorous as it may appear to be a daredevil, there is a lot of thought, risk, and gut that is required to succeed and live up to the name.

    The Thoughtful Investor, Ravi Anand from Satte pe Satta

    The eldest out of a gang of 7 brothers, Ravi Anand is the head of the family. It is his job to get the best out of his brothers to earn a living at their farmhouse. He knew how to leverage every brother’s qualities to get the work done. While he asked the tallest one to help in cutting the wood, he asked the smallest one to clean the chicken’s shelter. This way everyone’s qualities were utilised in the best way.

    A sound investor does exactly this with his portfolio! They understand which securities will work the best for their investment goals and park money accordingly. These investors diversify in all types of securities, while some are safer and kept for a long-term, others are risky or short-term investments.

    As an investor, Ravi Anand is the one you want to be. Someone who nurtures and leverages his portfolio to get the best out of every security.

    While investors come and go, some do stay as well. Even amidst all the diversity, the goal remains the same, get the best out of your investments! Become the Shehenshah of investments and not the fearful Bhaskor Banerjee. Move beyond your fears and begin investing with a well-structured plan.

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