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    Publish Date: November 2, 2018

    It’s that time of the year again! Diwali, considered by many as the most auspicious time to make money, is just around the corner. It is all about fresh beginnings, new financial habits, and making the most from the stock markets.

    So what if the last year was not encouraging? The markets could well have bottomed out and quality stocks are now up for grabs at throwaway prices. The Nifty has corrected to 10,000 levels of late from a peak 11,760.20 on August 28.

    Many experts usually consider this like the discount sale periods—the opportunity to pick up good assets at cheaper rates. If you have been waiting in the wings or dilly dallying on increasing exposure, you may want to consider adopting a similar strategy and build a robust portfolio.

    So with Kotak Diwali, cut the ten heads of fear and become the king of your finances.


    As the festive season rolls in, spread the cheer with investments that make sense. The rupee has been depreciating, benefiting stocks in the pharmaceuticals, information technology, and export-oriented sectors. On the other hand, the focus on infrastructure is likely to remain as the country braces for elections. After all, no government would like to see the gross domestic product (GDP) growth shrink ahead of the all-important mandate. Therefore, picking up infrastructure stocks can be a good idea at this point. Read more about what’s in store this Samvat

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    3. Reasonable valuations: Thanks to the corrections in the stock markets, valuations have come down from the peak levels. Equities are much more attractive now than they were a few months back. This suggests that the fall in the stock market was a correction, and not irrational panic selling. A correction usually is rational and linked to company’s actual financial performance.


    Now is the time… not just for existing investors, but even first-timers. Think about it—Diwali is considered by many as an auspicious beginning. You can make your ‘Shubh Aarambh’ too with Muhurat Trade.

    Muharat trading is a special trading session conducted by the stock exchanges BSE and NSE on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The session, which lasts for an hour in the evening, heralds the new year (Samvat). The Muhurat trading session was started by BSE back in the year 1979. Both NSE and BSE remain open on the day while the currency and debt markets remain closed.


    You may have heard of systematic investment plans (SIPs) for mutual funds and how it is a wise investment decision. But did you know that you can do the same with equities? It’s simple—fix the amount you want to invest; select your stock(s) you wish to invest in, and place an equity SIP order.

    What’s more? This can help you build a disciplined investment habit while also securing your future finances.

    Make Your Money Grow

    Wealth is intrinsic to a financially secure tomorrow. From this Diwali on, make sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t stay idle in your bank account. Let it grow.

    And most importantly, pledge to let your money grow even after you have invested it. Don’t give in to fear and sell in a panic. Remember, your long-term investments will grow only after withstanding periodic turbulence.

    Make the most of the festive season. Happy Diwali!

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