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Advantages of Forex Trading

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Publish Date: November 05th, 2019

By: Sandhya Kannan, Head – Content

Foreign exchange or Forex short in is where all the world currencies are traded; it is the world's largest financial marketplace. Some of the many benefits of Forex trading include higher liquidity, ability to trade on margin and easy market hours.

Why it makes sense to trade Forex?

When traders are looking for the right market to trade, they are in fact seeking optimum trading conditions and the best ways of taking home the maximum returns.
Given the exponential growth of trading opportunities across the world, in the past two decades, more and more people can now access financial markets. However, with this accessibility comes the challenge of choosing the right commercial exchange with the most profits. As a potential trader, you may want to consider the benefits of forex trading and its disadvantages before committing your time and resources to it. Compared to other financial marketplaces, Forex trading requires low resources and offers better flexibility with regards to time and commitment.

Here we look into why millions of traders across the world consider the Forex marketplace to be highly beneficial.

Largest financial marketplace in the world

The Forex marketplace is a snapshot of global trade and economic activity, which makes it the most significant financial marketplace in the world. For example, more than 4 to $5 trillion are treated on a daily basis. This means, more than $200 billion are traded in one hour, $3 billion a minute and $15 million are traded globally every second. With traders from around the world participating in the Forex marketplace, it is literally the single most accessible and universal trading marketplace.

Forex is for everyone

To begin forex trading, you don't need prior experience. Neither do you have to be flush with funds to begin Forex trading. One of the advantages of Forex trading is that it does not cost a lot of money to get started; compared to stock market trading or options with reputed brokers such as Kotak Securities. One of the principal advantages of Forex is its appeal to a broad section of people across the world. Even without sufficient capital, an average individual can access Forex trading. If you are new to Forex trading, through time and experience, you can become skilful and knowledgeable. Build your trading knowledge through various educational sections and information for a seamless experience.

Greater volume and better liquidity

Because of its an enormity, the Forex marketplace offers the highest liquidity. This means that given the colossal volumes treated at any given point in time, you don't have to wait too long under normal market conditions. You can purchase and sell as you please, with a click. Even better, you can or automate your trading. Although the Forex marketplace has its off hours, you can always look for ways to make trades; particularly, popular trading pairs such as US dollar/Euros and other major currencies.


Due to the massive size of the Forex marketplace and a large number of participants from around the world, it cannot be controlled for an extended period, no matter how big a single institutional trader might be. The Forex marketplace immediately calibrates itself since it is decentralized without any middlemen. As a trader, you can directly trade with another participant while a retail Forex broker merely provides the connection. Typically, the Forex marketplace is directed by economies and not a single person or an institution.

Trading the highs and lows

Regardless of whether the market is going down or rising, you can trade safely. No matter the market condition, you can seek opportunities and trade if you consider the price of a currency pair is likely to rise or go down. Many traders thrive on high volatility periods, and even though they carry risk, rapid price changes can be beneficial if timed rightly. One of the single most important advantages of Forex is the number of trading opportunities to be found in the marketplace.


In addition, the other benefits of Forex include a 24-hour market, minimal or nil commissions on most accounts, low transaction fees and leverage. It is critical to know all about the risks of Forex trading with leverage before employing it. To learn the ropes and practice Forex trading, you can engage free Forex demo accounts and learn how to trade without having to invest actual capital. Like with every other investment, Forex trading also involves risks, and hence, one must fully understand all the risks before entering the trade.

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