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What are Bonus Shares?

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Bonus shares are the additional shares that a company gives to its existing shareholders on the basis of shares owned by them. Bonus shares are issued to the shareholders without any additional cost.

Let us now learn why the companies issue bonus shares.

Why Companies Issue Bonus Shares?

Bonus shares are issued by a company when it is not able to pay a dividend to its shareholders due to shortage of funds in spite of earning good profits for that quarter. In such a situation, the company issues bonus shares to its existing shareholders instead of paying dividend. These shares are given to the current shareholders on the basis of their existing holding in the company. Issuing bonus shares to the existing shareholders is also called capitalization of profits because it is given out of the profits or reserves of the company.

Let us now learn about how the bonus shares calculation is done.

Bonus Shares Calculation

The bonus shares are given to the existing shareholders according to their existing stake in the company. Like for example, a company declaring one for two bonus shares would mean that an existing shareholder would get one bonus share of the company for every two shares held. Suppose a shareholder holds 1,000 shares of the company. Now when the company issues bonus shares, he will receive 500 bonus shares (1,000 *1/2 = 500).

When the company issues bonus shares, the term “record date” is used along with it. Let us now learn about the term record date.

What is Record Date?

Record date is a cut-off date set by the company. If you are the owner of the shares of the company on this cut-off date then you are eligible to receive the bonus shares. The record date is set by the company so that they can find the eligible shareholders and distribute bonus shares to them.

Let us now learn about the advantages of bonus shares.

Advantages Of Bonus Shares