Kotak Research Centre

Welcome to the Kotak Securities Research Centre - the special research cell where some of India's finest equity-research analysts, analyze and share intensive research reports on how the Indian stock market is faring, when is the right time to invest, when to execute your order and more.

It requires a lot of information to make the right investment decision. Sometimes, getting access to some of the information may not be possible. Sometimes, it may be too late.

To help you with your investment decisions, the Research Center at Kotak Securities provide analysis for all your investing needs.

  • Investors research - Understanding your need for timely and in-depth investment research; Kotak Securities publishes fact-based and reliable investment research reports. These reports are simple, comprehensive and help you make informed investment decisions on your own, while executing your choices efficiently. Know more

  • Trader Research - Besides providing stock market guidance to the trader, Kotak Securities also equips professional stock traders with the right kind of information that will help them invest better. These research reports can be used by traders to execute informed trades or can be used as a foundation if one chooses to create personalized reports. Know more

  • Mutual Fund Research - Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in Indian equities, but do not have sufficient time and skills to choose winning sectors. There are hundreds of mutual funds available today. Selecting one from among them can get tough. To help you make sound decisions, Kotak Securities offers you Mutual Fund Research. Know more

Why Demat Account?
  • Mandatory by SEBI
  • Easy Portfolio Management
  • Security of Equity Investments.
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