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Meaningful Minutes is our weekly newsletter that helps you stay updated on the latest financial and economic developments. With simple, easy-to-understand content that is broken up into 3 major parts:

  • One detailed article about a particular financial / economic topic
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  • One statistic / figure related to the topic

In a matter of minutes, Meaningful Minutes is sure to help you understand macro issues that affect you as an investor.

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Meaningful Minutes Articles

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6 assumptions that influence RBI’s monetary policy
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5 things to know about derivatives expiry7 things to know about MAT tax notices to FIIs
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Three things to learn from HUL result5 things to know about 5 - year low inflation
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Three Warnings From RBI Governor5 Things to Know About Poor Bank Credit Growth
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Annual report season: Things to watch out forWhat you should know about the weak rupee
What you should know about the $5.4bn Unilever offerWhat does the RBI say about the future
What you should know about gold price crashWhat advice is the Prime Minister getting?
Why is Current Account Deficit so bad this time?What falling car sales mean for markets
How tiny Cyprus affects India and worldForeign buying does not mean rally anymore
What does Government Data mean to investors?What is ‘new normal’ of inflation
Bytes before budget: Five things FM is telling youThis VIX can give you a headache
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Five things to watch out for in Quarterly ResultsWhat to expect in 2013
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