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KEAT Pro X — Online Stock Trading Software

We love to spoil you with the trading experience of your choice.

Just as some people love to watch action movies on the big screen, we know traders who love to jump into the market action on their big screens – desktops, tablets and laptops.

KEAT Pro X, our high-speed online stock trading software, makes your trading experience vivid and alive.

Buy and sell securities in real-time. Track the market action live. Monitor your investment portfolio at your convenience. And much more.

Benefits of KEAT Pro X

  • Completely free
    Our multi-functional online stock trading software comes completely free with your Kotak Securities Trading Account.
  • Highly integrated
    Execute all your trades in equities, derivatives and currencies in the Indian markets on a single platform.
  • Customizable
    Our online stock trading software allows you to create watchlists with any combination of stocks, sectors, and stock market indices of your choice. You can even customize the user interface to your liking.
  • Be fully in charge of your portfolio
    With KEAT Pro X, you can keep a complete tab on all your trading activities – from viewing order confirmations and trade executions to monitoring your gains and losses, and much more.

Key Features of KEAT Pro X

  • Live-streaming of stock market data
  • High-speed stock market trading
  • Up-to-date account information
  • Well-researched stock recommendations
  • Customizable watchlists
  • Stock price charting tools
  • Complete control of your portfolio
  • Free for all our clients
Why KEAT Pro X?
  • Highly integrated
  • Easy to customize
  • Complete portfolio control
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Get Started with KEAT Pro X

KEAT Pro X could be a game-changer for your trades. This powerful trading tool is also incredibly easy to use. Follow these easy steps to begin your KEAT Pro X experience:

Step 1: Login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com with your User Id, Password, and Security Key/Access Code.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Trading Tools’ tab and select ‘KEAT Pro X’.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Download’ button to install it on your machine.

Not sure which version of KEAT Pro X is running on your machine? To find out, click on ‘Help’ and then choose ‘About Us’. You could also check the top header of the main terminal.

Have questions about software updates? Whenever we introduce improvements, your KEAT Pro X version gets automatically updated. You can start using any new features right away!

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+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q How do I trade using KEAT Pro X?

    To place a trade using KEAT Pro X, right-click the stock you want to trade (or press ‘+’ for buy and ‘-’ for sell) and select the option ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’. A new window will open up. Enter your order details, such as the quantity to be traded and the price at which to execute the order. Next, click on the ‘New Order’ button. A new window will appear which gives the details of the order. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm your order.

  • Q How do I create a Watchlist?

    You can create a new watchlist by clicking on ‘New Watchlist’. You can also use a predefined watchlist to create your personalized watchlist.

    To add a stock, right-click the ‘Watchlist’ screen. Select the option ‘Add scrip’. A new window will appear. Enter the stock name, select the ‘Exchange’ button, and choose the segment—‘Cash’, ‘Futures’ or ‘Options’. Next, click on the ‘Search’ button. Select the required stock and click ‘OK’.

    Alternatively, you can press ‘Ctrl+S’. A window will appear. Select the Exchange, Scrip type and type the initial letters of the scrip name. From the suggested matching names, click on right name and press enter button.

    Make sure to save the watchlist after adding stocks so that the newly added stocks appear when you open the watchlist again.

  • Q I need assistance in installing KEAT Pro X. What do I do?

    For help with installing KEAT Pro X and troubleshooting, get in touch with our Customer Care team . Our representatives will be happy to resolve your queries.

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