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KEAT Pro X – Online Share Market Software

KEAT Pro X is a free, simple and high-speed online trading software that gives you control over your stock portfolio, allows you to track the markets live as well as buy and sell securities online in real time. KEAT Pro X deals with online trading on the BSE, NSE and NSE currency markets.

Why KEAT ProX?
  • Highly integrated
  • Easy to customize
  • Complete portfolio control
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Key Features

  • Up-to-date Account Information
    Keep tabs on how your portfolio performs on a minute by minute basis, get updates on transactions made, view positions and know exactly how much profit or loss you’ve made.
  • Stock Recommendations
    Our research analysts work full time to give you live inputs on which stocks to buy or sell. Now you can make your moves armed with the best research in the market using the stock trading software.
  • Live-streaming Stock Market data
    Watch the BSE, NSE & NSE currency markets come to life on KEAT Pro X with live stock quotes, Market lots, data on top gainers or losers, updates on the indices (Sensex, Nifty), most active scrips and more.
  • Watchlists
    Create personalized watchlists and track in real time, certain stocks of your choice. You can create multiple watchlists and each watchlist may contain up to 100 scrips each. You can even combine scripts from the BSE, NSE and the currency market in a single watchlist. Watchlists that you create in KEAT Pro X will be available on your account online on www.kotaksecurities.com and on the Mobile Stock Trader app.
  • Charting Tools
    Make graphs and charts tracking the past and future projected performance of your favourite scrips using the unique charting tools on our share market software.
  • High speed
    With the high speeds that KEAT Pro X offers, you will never miss a single change in the prices of your favourite stocks. High speed stock market trading ensures that you don’t lose out while making transactions in the quick changing world of the stock market.

What are the benefits?

  • Free
    his multi-functional online share market software comes completely free with your Kotak Securities Trading Account.
  • Highly integrated
    KEAT Pro X allows you to access BSE, NSE and NSE currency markets in the same platform. You can even trade in equities, derivatives and currencies using a single platform. The stock market software comes free of charge with your online trading account.
  • Customizable
    The trading software allows you to create watchlists with any combination of scrips, industry sectors, stock market indices of your choice. You can even customize the User Interface as per your convenience – move around the columns, rename the watchlists and so much more.
  • Complete Portfolio Control
    Some of the interesting things you can do to your portfolio with KEAT Pro X are:
    • View confirmations of orders placed and trades that you’ve made
    • Monitor profits and losses
    • Trade long contracts
    • Sell from existing stocks
    • Limits, Positions tabs available in the Risk Report section
    • View live on Market Depth

How to download and Use the KEAT Pro X?

  • Login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com with your User Id, Password & Security Key/Access Code.
  • Click on the “Trading Tools” tab and select KEAT Pro X. Click "Download" button to install it on your machine.
  • The KEAT Pro X is designed to run on both Windows and Mac OS. Windows users will need to be on Windows XP or higher, while Mac users need to be running OS X Leopard or higher.
  • System Requirements
    • Application for Mac – JDK 1.5 and higher
    • Application for Windows – 512 MB RAM, Single Processor CPU and higher
  • You can check the version of KEAT Pro X that you are running on your machine by clicking on “Help” and then choosing “About Us”. The top header of the main terminal will also give you the version of KEAT Pro X you have.
  • Whenever we introduce a new feature to KEAT Pro X, it will get automatically updated in your version as soon as you start KEAT Pro X on your computer.

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • QHow do I trade using KEAT Pro X?
    ATo place a trade using KEAT Pro X, right click the scrip you want to trade and select the option ‘Buy’ . A new window will appear. Select the quantity, price for which you want to place order. Once decided click the ‘New Order’ button. A new window will appear, giving the details of the order. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the order.
  • Q How do I create a Watchlist?
    A You can create new watchlist by clicking the ‘New Watchlist’ or you can ‘Edit’ the default watchlist or you can use predefined watchlist to create your personalized watchlist.

    To add scrip, right click the ‘watchlist’ screen. Select the option ‘Add scrip’. A new window will appear. Enter the scrip name, select the ‘exchange’ button, select segment as ‘Cash’, ‘Future’ or ‘Option’. Then click the ‘Search’ button. Select the required scrip and Click ‘OK’.

    NOTE: Save the Watchlist after addition of scrip(s) so that the added scrip(s) can also be viewed next time in the same Watchlist.

  • QI’m facing problems installing KEAT Pro X. What do I do?
    ATo get help in installation of KEAT Pro X and also for trouble shooting, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team at 1800 209 9191, 1800 222 299, 3030 5757. Our representatives will be happy to resolve your queries.


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