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Super Multiple in Futures Segment

Often, to make greater profits, investors need to have a bigger order size. However, there may not be enough funds available to finance such a big lot. In such a case, margin trading is a good option. This is when an investor can leverage his existing available margin.

What does Kotak Securities offer?

As a Kotak Securities customer, you can use the Super Multiple feature. As per this service, you can avail up to 15 times exposure while trading in Index Futures against your available margin, and up to 12 times exposure on the 'Futures' contracts of specific stocks.

For example, if you have an available margin of Rs. 1,00,000, you can create an exposure up to 15 times on your Super Multiple orders in Index Futures. This means the value of your trade can amount to Rs. 15,00,000.
All Super Multiple orders in the Futures segment will be 'auto-squared off' orders. This means, the position will be squared off automatically on or after 3:10 pm as a market order if it does not hit the stop loss price or you do not square off the position yourself.

Besides this, the Super Multiple order will have an automatic system-generated Stop Loss order which you can redefine if needed at the lower end. If the price falls below this level, the position will be squared off automatically and your losses will be cut short. 'Super Multiple' orders in the Futures segment are only for the contracts that expire in the current month. They can only be placed during market hours.

Why Super Multiple in Futures Segment?
  • Up to 15 times exposure on available margin
  • Capitalize market opportunities
  • Positions squared-off automatically
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What are the benefits?

  • You get higher multiple to achieve volume slabs faster and save on brokerage*.
  • Using the higher exposure, you can capitalize on market
  • It helps to limit your loss through a 'Stop Loss' order.
  • You need not worry about closing your open positions. It would be squared-off automatically.

Super Multiple Disclaimer:

Kotak Securities cannot be held liable for any loss incurred by the client for non-squaring off/delay in squaring off the positions automatically due to either illiquidity in the particular security or due to technological problem at either brokers/exchanges’ stage. Furthermore, auto-square-off orders are placed as a market order, and orders are matched against the best price at the exchange level.

Kotak Securities does not have the control over the price ruling in the market when the orders are matched by the exchange.

*For details please check your brokerage slab and minimum applicable brokerage per order.

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