Benefits Of Demat Account Every Investor Should Know

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  • 08 Feb 2023

A demat account electronically holds securities for an investor, thus making the complete process of investing, storing, overseeing, and trading, quicker, accessible and cost-effective.

Here are five benefits of a demat account opening:

1. Fewer Risks:

Physical securities can be risky due to the dangers of loss, theft or damage. Moreover, receiving fraudulent security es or bad deliveries can further increase the risk. By opening a demat account, all these hazards are eliminated that provides holders with the opportunity of storing their investments electronically.

2. Safe And Secure Holding:

Keeping tab of physical certificates can be a tedious task. Also, maintaining a track of their performance is also an added chore. An investor can hold and track all investments through a single account as a demat account holder.

3. Receiving Critical Information:

One significant benefit of holding a demat account is having access to helpful data. You can monitor live market updates and examine your various investments. Service providers such as Kotak Securities can further maximise your benefits by giving you the opportunity of buying, selling and holding recommendations. You can make smart investment decisions based on analytical data and market capitalisation.

4. Decreased Expenditure:

There are various costs associated with holding physical certificates, such as stamp duty, handling charges and other outlays. These extra expenses are removed by having a demat account.

5. Trade In Any Quantity:

Buying and selling physical certificates were only possible in specified lots. However, with a demat account, you can now buy or sell any number of shares you want, even if it is just one.

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