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Employee Value Proposition:

Our Core values define our organizational culture and define how we do business. Our employee value proposition FLAME demonstrates these values:

  • Focus on Results: Strongly focused on achieving our long term and short term organizational and financial goals
  • Leadership: An opportunity to work with Industry leaders and be one of them
  • Active involvement and inclusiveness: Being participative and inclusive in our decision making with responsibility to be involved in this consultative process
  • Maximum Challenge: An environment where employees are constantly stretched and challenged to give their best
  • Entrepreneurial creativity: An ability to create business opportunities and run them as entrepreneurs within broadly defined parameters

Competency Framework:

Our Competency framework has been designed based on three broad pillars i.e. Business | Execution | Relationship. Each of these competencies exemplifies elements like Research & learning orientation for market expertise, these stem from a growth mindset and foster innovative thinking by building capacity and capability leading to delighting the customer.

  • Customer Centricity:

    Works towards building relationships with customers by providing world class service. Demonstrates a customer focused mindset and contributes towards enhancing the overall experience. Uses customer insights to help provide inputs on new and improved customer offerings. Is looked upon as a trusted advisor who aids in providing best advice to suit customer needs. Uses his skills and abilities to ensure that the customer stays engaged at all costs.

  • Operational Dexterity

    Understands the impact of regulatory risk procedures and guidelines. Is able to take thoughtful and calculated risks while ensuring focus on process and quality by following the standard policies and procedures set forth by Kotak Securities. Uses technology and other methods to monitor and control the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by Kotak Securities. Looks at all variables involved in work from different aspects and gives importance to focusing on minute details while working.

  • Strategic Orientation:

    Possesses a vision for the future, displays an ability to identify opportunities and develops appropriate plans to achieve objectives. Develops strategies which are sustainable and which take into account the prevailing market uncertainties. Considers both short term and long term perspectives when creating/executing the strategy. Builds partnerships with various stakeholders to promote new opportunities. Recognizes and encourages innovative ideas within the organizational framework. Encourages out of the box thinking to come up with ways to enhance the current processes and systems.

  • Performance Agility:

    Demonstrates energy and tenacity to achieve business results. Achieves them by working with high focus and managing the complexities. Analyzes data and sees pattern from past experiences and applies this understanding to drive results. Is able to gather all necessary information, and look at multiple ideas and aspects before taking a decision. Arrives at solutions even with limited information. Is able to analyze the impact of each option available before taking a decision.

  • Business Intelligence:

    Demonstrates business acumen required for the role. Possess good technical domain expertise to provide sound business advice or solutions in his/her technical area. Is research orientated and takes proactive action in updating his/her domain knowledge. Shows knowledge of the market changes, competitor landscape and customer behaviors to develop plans that helps in Kotak Securities growth. Thinks from the perspective of converting opportunities into business avenues.

  • Nurturing Talent:

    Demonstrates passion in developing team members’ capability and works towards realizing their potential. Makes coaching an important priority and puts organizational objectives before self. Takes complete ownership for the results attained. Empowers team members by driving accountability and delegating responsibility. Creates potential successors within the team through effective grooming.

  • Building a shared vision:

    Promotes a culture of mutual respect, trust and transparency along with cohesive working across team members. Looks to create formal and informal relationships at different levels. Networks with teams and promotes a culture of collaborative working, demonstrating the merit of working within and across teams. Looks for opportunities through cross functional teams to leverage the expertise and domain knowledge. Is able to adapt personal style and approach to meet change requirements.

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