How To Enter And Exit In Intraday Trading?

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  • 23 Feb 2023

Day trading refers to the practice of buying and selling financial instrument within a single day, or multiple times in a period of 24 hours. In this trading, investors get an opportunity to make the most of small price movements, which is definitely a lucrative technique if done right. Analyzing the dynamics of intraday can be a bit difficult for beginners and even for those who don't adhere well to this method of trading.

The Fundamentals To Successful Intraday Trading

There are four principles that you ought to follow for successful intraday trading and these are explained below:

  • Pick Correct Stocks:

Many day traders opt for stocks that are both liquid and volatile. The liquidity ensures that good volume of stocks are being traded, while volatility leads to impeccable price movements resulting into higher profit margins. Thanks to this traders are able to evaluate the ideal entry and exit points in an effortless way. Read More: How to pick stocks for intraday

  • Market Movement:

Those stocks which move with market are great for intraday trading. This is because the movement of these stocks would be a reflection of the index movement. For instance, crude oil prices dramatically influence the oil & gas stocks, allowing you to predict their movement easily.

  • Ideal Price:

Traders implement many strategies for evaluating the entry and exit points at the right price. One such method is using support & resistance prices of the stock for taking a call on the entry and exit. The trick here is to purchase the stock when it moves beyond support price and then sell them immediately when it meets resistance levels.

  • Stop Loss:

There are times when day traders stick to their stocks even when the price goes down. This in fact, triggers greater loss. A wise practice is to book for small loss in one day than incurring losses every subsequent day. For this, always have a stop loss and immediately exit the stock when losses are triggered.

There you have it, these are the effective intraday trading tips that can be used to discover the potential enter and exit points.

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Enjoy Zero brokerage on ALL Intraday Trades
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