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Equity Research Reports

It requires a lot of information to make the right investment decision. Sometimes, getting access to some of the information may not be possible. Sometimes, it may be too late.

Depending on your investing requirements, Kotak Securities brings to you research reports that focus on fundamental or technical factors for equity investments. Reports catering to the derivatives and currency derivatives segments are also shared with the customers. These reports are available only to the customers through email subscription or on the web. A few of these are also available as SMS alerts.

As a Kotak Securities customer, you get exclusive access to the following research reports:

  • Fundamental: What’s the use of buying the share of a company if it is not financially healthy? That’s the question you will never have to worry about with Kotak Securities’ fundamental research reports. The fundamental research reports are published on a daily and monthly basis. The reports not only analyze companies and stocks, but also mutual funds, bonds and other financial instruments. Know more
  • Technical: The market goes through various cycles. Prices may rise in the long-term, but they almost always fluctuate in the short-term following set trends. Analyzing stocks and financial instruments on the basis of their prices and the market trends is called technical analysis. The technical research reports aim to forecast the future trend of the stock market on the basis of past performance. These reports are published every morning. Know more
  • Derivatives: Investing in the derivatives market requires different set of skills.Kotak Securities create special reports that deal only with the derivatives market – specifically equity futures and options. Two kinds of reports are published on a daily basis – the F&O tracker and the Cash Futures Arbitrage report. Know more
  • Currency derivatives: The currency derivatives market is one of the most active around the world. In India, the Rupee can be traded against four currencies – US dollar, UK pound, the Euro and the Yen. To help investors deal in this segment, Kotak Securities’ Research Centre comes up with two reports – the Forex Insight and the Forex Weekly. Know more
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