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We recognize that there are many options online and offline to buy or sell stocks. While good products and low prices can be offered by many, what sets apart a truly dedicated company is the service they provide to their customers.

Like Kotak Securities.

We have been honoured with various awards that celebrate our exceptional focus on customer service. These include the "Overall best Equity Broking Houseand and Depository Participant of the year by BSE IPF - D&B Equity Broking Awards" for 2013, NSDL Star Performers Award 2013 – Top Performer in New Accounts Opened (Non-Bank Category) and "Best Broker in India Award, by FinanceAsia” for 2012, 2010 and 2009,"

Customer Care Focus

We are nothing without the trust our customers repose in us. We are grateful for this trust and we pay it back by making our customers our no.1 priority. Customer queries and problems are swiftly handled through the various customer service channels that we deploy:

You may also choose to walk into any of our branches in 386 cities across India and get prompt service at your request.

Why Demat Account ?

  • Multifunctional account in India

  • 24x7 access to seamless trading

  • Access to Kotak research and facilities
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Provide Value Added Services

We like to go a step beyond, always. Apart from being deeply committed to outstanding customer service, we also offer a host of value added services that make your trading experience a truly memorable one.

  • AutoInvest

    We bring the concept of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to the world of stock markets. Through AutoInvest, you can invest a fixed amount of money OR a fixed number of shares on a regular basis in an automated manner. The frequency of your purchases can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Learn more about AutoInvest.
  • Super Multiple

    Super Multiple allows online trading customers to trade in large volumes on a particular scrip (or multiple scrips) on a given day even if their available margins may be limited. You can get high exposure on your available margin and get a chance to compete with the big guns in the stock market. All open positions are squared off automatically at 3:10 pm via Super Multiple. Learn more about Super Multiple.
  • Twin Advantage

    With Twin Advantage, you get double exposure with just one trading account. We give you exposure against the cash margin in your trading account. Plus, we give you additional exposure against the stocks lying idle in your demat account. Know more
  • Buy Now, Sell Tomorrow

    Normally, the settlement of shares that you buy or sell takes T+2 days. However, with Buy Now, Sell Tomorrow, you have the option of selling shares that you purchased today even before the actual settlement is complete. Find out more about BNST.
  • Portfolio Tracker

    Your investments are all collated in a single place by Portfolio Tracker. With this great tool, you can keep track of the profits and losses you’ve made on your trades, the current value of your holdings, get detailed statements regarding your transactions and more. More on Portfolio Tracker.
  • SMS Alerts

    The stock market is never far away with Kotak’s exclusive stock tips, recommendations and latest market news brought straight to your mobile phone via SMS. More on SMS Alerts.
  • TradeSmart

    Know exactly when to invest and when to sell, by identifying the trends and patterns of the stock market. TradeSmart is a tool that helps you understand the technicalities of market movements and predict when the next bull or bear run will strike. TradeSmart in detail.