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Kotak Securities’ powerful REST APIs can help you develop your own trading Terminal and implement your strategies easily and intuitively. Our APIs give you open access to live market feeds, orders, live positions and a lot more.


Absolutely Free, No
Strings Attached

We charge you absolutely
nothing! Build your own trading
terminal at no cost!


Our state-of-the-art APIs helps you
create user-friendly API functionality to
consume without breaking a sweat.

Fast and Seamless

You can place up to
10 orders per second.


You can count on our dedicated
support team for a quick turnaround
for all your queries.

Real-Time Execution

Execute real-time transactions
supported by live data feeds.

Our Service

With years of experience, we’re
proud to offer a truly market-
leading service. You will also be
associated with a well-established brand
and a full service broker.


More SDKs Coming Soon!



    Kotak Trade API can help traders and developers to integrate live market feed with their strategies and execute trades with ease. Sandbox environment allows you to back-test your strategies rigorously.

  • Developers

    Developers can build their own trading applications and integrate live broadcast, back-test strategies using historical data and build models that can analyze data and execute trades effortlessly.

  • Startups

    As a FinTech startup, you can set up your own full-fledged innovative trading and investment platforms by integrating our APIs free of cost, and make your business accessible to over 2.5 million Kotak securities clients

FAQs on Kotak TradeApi
What is the subscription fee /charges for API?

Kotak Securities API is available for Free. You need not to pay any additional charges or subscription fee for using API.

How do I get access to API?

Click on below given link and follow steps

  • Once you click on this link it will open Kotak Securities Login page
  • Enter to login credentials and login
  • API subscription page will open
  • Read the disclaimer carefully and accept it
  • You will get email with API credentials


  • Go to
  • Account Login > Login to Trade
  • Enter to login credentials and login
  • Once you are logged in to the website go to New Products > TradeAPI
  • API subscription page will open
  • Read the disclaimer carefully and accept it
  • You will get email with API credentials
How long it takes to activate API subscription?

Once you subscribed to the API you will be able to start using API immediately.

How do I use API credentials?

Once you subscribe to the API you will get credentials to login to the API Portal. You will be able to manage your API using this new credentials. Please note that this new credentials is for API management only.

Is SDK Available for Kotak Securities Trading API?

Yes! You can access Python SDK for faster integration.

What if I use different language? Will I be able to use Kotak Securities TradingAPI?

Yes! We offer Rest API that can be consumed in any language.

Will I be able to login using API and place orders?

Yes! You will be able to generate session using API and perform below given tasks.

  • Login
  • Order Placement
  • Reports
    • Order
    • Trade
  • Position
    • Today’s Position
    • Open Position
    • Holding
  • Margin
    • Available Margin
  • Quotes
  • Portfolio
  • Watchlist
Will I be able to place orders in Derivative?

If you have activated Derivative segment and able to place order using Any of the Kotak Securities platform, you will be able to place Derivative orders from API too.

API is available for below given segments

  • Equity
  • Derivative
  • Currency
What will be the brokerage applicable on orders placed from API?

No additional charges for API. You will be charged as per your existing brokerage rate, No additional charges for using API.

What is the rate limit on order placement?

You will be able to place 10 orders per sec.

Is it available for all customers?

Kotak Securities TradeAPI is available for Online customers only.

Available order types for API users?

You will be able to place below given orders:

  • Normal / Delivery
  • MTF
  • MIS
  • IOC
  • AMO