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Dealer Assisted Trading

So you need some help and guidance while making decisions that affect your financial future? Worry not.

Kotak Securities brings you Assisted Investing Services. The next time you want an investment advice or want help in carrying out investment transactions, just walk into your neighboring Kotak Securities outlet and our investment advisors will be happy to help you out. We understand that many customers prefer hand holding and assisted trading.

There’s a wide variety of services that are available through our Assisted Investment platform.

Why Assisted Investing?
  • Dedicated dealer
  • Relationship manager
  • Convenience
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So what does investing with India's largest stock broking firm mean for you as a customer? Well, all your stock broking needs get managed under one roof. No more running from pillar to post, to keep track of your finances!

  • Dedicated Dealer

    A qualified securities dealer will personally oversee your trading account with Kotak and assist you in making the right trading decisions at the right time. With expert advice and timely assistance in carrying out trades, we help you grow your money and meet your financial goals.

  • Personalized Relationship Manager

    Over and above a dedicated dealer to manage your account, you can avail the services of a relationship manager, whose primary job is to make your investing journey highly rewarding. The personalized relationship manager will help you with the day to day affairs of investing and trading, answer any queries you may have regarding trading and investing and guide you with financially sound advice on various equity, debt and derivative investment options

  • Call and Trade facility

    If you want some advice over the phone, we can help you with our Call and Trade option. With this facility, you can directly place a call to your dealer for guidance and get make instant trades over the phone.

  • Free Investor Education

    Kotak Securities has a dedicated research division that carries out extensive analysis of individual stocks and companies, industry specific research, macro and microeconomic trend analysis to produce in-depth research reports. These reports are freely available to all Kotak Securities trading customers to equip you with knowledge that will help you make the right decision at the right time while trading on the markets.

  • Cheque pickup and drop

    We take care of even the smallest parts of trading in the stock market. Through our Assisted Investing Service, you can have cheques picked up and dropped to your doorstep totally free. We even deliver contract notes to your home to make your trading experience even more hassle free.

  • Research  Alerts

    Kotak Securities offers you a range of instant SMS alerts – from trading tips to stock updates to transaction information and more. You can choose the type of SMS Alerts you want to subscribe to and stay updated on the go.

  • Low Brokerage

    With Assisted Investing Services, you can avail the same low brokerage rates and annual maintenance fees charged to our online trading customers. Not only do we offer active assisted investment services that help you grow your money, we also consciously keep your cost of investment to the bare minimum.

  • Benefit from the Twin Advantage feature

    You can now invest using our assisted trading service in much larger volumes with the Kotak Twin Advantage option. As the name suggests, you get dual benefits with Twin Advantage:

    • Get additional exposure up to 75% of your margin against the value of stocks that you hold in your demat account
    • Get 4 times the exposure on your margin i.e. the cash balance in your trading account

Do note that in certain cases exchange prescribed margins will be collected.

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q What number do you call for availing the Call and Trade service?

    A Kotak Securities provides you a number 30305757. You can call from anywhere in India on our number, without incurring any long distance phone charges.
  • Q Is Call & Trade a secured option?

    A Once you call our number, our Call & Trade dealer will ask a few questions to verify your identity. Only after your identity is verified, you would be able to place/ modify/ cancel orders
  • Q Can the rates be confirmed using Call & Trade?

    A Yes. You can use Call & Trade for getting live rates prevailing in the market.