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Federal Bank Trading Account

Welcome Federal Bank customer!

Your Federal Bank Savings Account has been powered by Kotak Securities and will now allow you the triple benefits of a savings account, a demat account and a trading account.

Trade in equities, mutual funds or study the stock market, keep tab on your portfolio all with the Federal Bank Trading Account. Go ahead and make full use of your 3-in-1 trading!

How to Get Started

  • If you have your savings account and demat account with Federal Bank, all you need to do is create a trading account with Kotak Securities. Then, you will have to link both your Federal Bank accounts with it. Congrats, you are all set to start trading in the stock market!
  • If you only have a Federal Bank savings account, but no demat account, don’t worry. You can easily create demat and trading accounts with Kotak Securities, and link them to your Federal Bank account.
  • Suppose you have a demat account with Federal Bank, but no savings account, then you can open both your savings and trading accounts with Kotak Securities. Then, you can link the three and start trading in the stock markets.

Basic Features of the Trading Account

  • Seamless, zero hassle trading account: Trade in equity, derivatives, IPO, ESOPS, bonds, derivatives and ETFs through your seamless 3-in-1 account. No more running pillar to post transferring funds between various accounts.
  • Kotak Payment Gateway: Transfer funds safely via net banking between your savings and trading accounts using the Kotak Payment Gateway.
  • Margin against Securities: Avail margin against securities for intraday trades in cash segment at no additional cost. Even better, get exposure against the shares lying idle in your demat account.
  • Free access to Kotak’s Trading Software: Get access to Kotak’s signature trading software – KEAT Pro X– and get the stock markets on your fingertips. Set up watchlists, study specific stocks, track your gains and losses, get stock recommendations from our market research analysts and so much more! Learn more about KEAT Pro X.
How it helps
  • Use existing bank account
  • Convenience through partnerships
  • Kotak Securities support
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Extra Perks

  • Research at your fingertips: Our dedicated research division publishes regular reports, sector specific research, company studies etc. that will be available for you to make the right investing decisions. Know more
  • Kotak Securities Academy: Not everyone is a stock market wizard. Get free guidance at the Kotak Securities Academy on equities, mutual funds, futures, options and financial planning. Know more
  • SMS Alerts: Breathe easy with our SMS alerts informing you instantly about trades made, funds transferred and other important account related activities. Know more
  • Trade on Phone: You don’t need a computer for trading in securities. Simply call our toll free trading number and place, modify or cancel your orders instantly. Know more
  • Mobile Trading App: Use the Kotak Stock Trader app to stay on top of your investments. Track your portfolio in real time, get quotes, make trades, watch the stock market all with the best-in- class online security systems. Know more
  • Trade after market hours: Kotak Securities unique ‘After Market Orders’ facility allows you to place trades even after the stock market is closed for the day. The trades you place will get sent to the exchange as soon as the markets open for trading next. Know more