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Equity Trading Account

When you trade on the stock markets, you are securing your financial well-being. Signing up for an equity trading account with Kotak Securities allows you to do exactly that.

Here is an all-in-one trading account that allows you to invest in equity, initial public offerings or IPOs, mutual funds, equity and currency derivatives instruments.

Why Equity Trading Account?
  • Buy or sell stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives
  • Research, expert advice
  • Mobile alerts and trading
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What does Kotak Securities offer?

With our equity trading account, you have access to a whole lot of features. Here are some of them:

  • Call & Trade: Using the stock trading account, you can buy and sell stocks on phone.
  • Easy Mutual Fund: Our mutual fund recommendations allow you access to top-performers.
  • Alerts: Once you register for a stock trading account, you also get free news and market updates regularly.
  • Super Multiple: Get exposure of up to 12 times your initial margin on select stocks.
  • KEAT Pro X: Free access to our high-speed trading tool, which allows you to trade in the market in real-time. This is a high-end single integrated platform for investments in different kinds of assets. Through this online trading platform, you can create multiple watchlists, view your positions, margins, view order confirmations and much more.
  • After Market Option: This is a facility offered on kotaksecurities.com, where you can place orders after the market closes.
  • Expert analysis: Get full access to Kotak Securities research reports.

What are the benefits?

  • Integrated platform: You need not open different accounts to trade in various securities. Our stock trading account is all you need to trade in equities, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, and other assets.
  • Multiple media: Through the equity trading account, you can place orders not just in person through a broker, but also online or on the phone. This simplifies the process and saves a lot of time. You can also use these media to place orders during market hours as well as when markets close.
  • Expert analysis: Kotak Securities’ analyst team regularly publishes reports on the economy, select industries and companies that help you make informed investment decisions. You can access these through the equity trading account.
  • Alerts: Kotak Securities regularly sends you research advice as well as market alerts through SMSes. This ensures that you don't miss out on important buying and selling opportunities.

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q How do I open an equity trading account?
    AIt's simple! Apply online, call our toll free number 1800 209 9191 or visit our local branch.
  • Q How soon would my account be opened?
    AYour account will be opened within two weeks of receipt of your completed application form.
  • QIs it necessary to open bank accounts with designated banks? What is the advantage of opening an Internet-bank account with your bank partners?
    AYes. It is necessary that you open a bank account with our designated banks - Citibank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI BANK, State bank of India, Indusland bank and ING Vysya bank.

    Faster credits, smooth flow of transactions and early commencement of trading are the advantages you will enjoy. You can transfer funds online and start trading. Further, if we have to make a payment to you, funds can be credited to your bank account directly.

For more answers to your trading account-related queries, refer our FAQs section here and here.

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