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Good technology platforms will allow you to complete trades in minutes. They ensure that you do not suffer losses due to changes in scrip value during your trade. They also provide a totally secure environment to complete transactions and provide security for the stocks you hold in your demat account.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, Kotak Securities has invested heavily in technology. Our developers are constantly working on newer, better and faster technology solutions to give you an edge over other traders in the market.

Some of the technology innovations that we are proud of are:

  • Website Trading
    The Kotak Securities website – www.kotaksecurities.com allows our online trading customers to log in to their account and start trading right away through the website directly.

  • Xtralite
    Customers who use slow internet connections or access our website on their mobile phones, can avail a lighter, faster and more nimble version of our site – Xtralite. It offers most of the features of the complete website at much higher speeds.Know more

  • KEAT Pro X
    KEAT Pro X is the full-fledged stock trading platform developed by Kotak Securities, meant for serious full time traders. The various features of KEAT Pro X make managing your portfolio a piece of cake. Apart from just trading, you can track market movements, create watchlists of scrips that interest you, get stock tips and recommendations from our experts and much more.Know more

  • FastLane
    In situations where you cannot download and run a software like KEAT Pro X (e.g. at your workplace), you can still trade online, access your portfolio and watchlists through our light Java based applet called FastLane.Know more

  • StockTrader
    This is a one of its kind mobile application that allows you to access the stock market right from your mobile handset. It is supported on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada and Java based handsets. This powerful app allows you to trade in equities, derivatives and currencies, track the markets and manage your portfolio while you’re on the move.Know more

  • Call & Trade
    For those customers who are not internet savvy, we also provide the option of buying and selling stocks, derivatives, IPOs and mutual funds over the phone. Simply call our toll free trading numbers - 18002099191 or 1800222299 – and you can buy, sell, cancel or modify orders.

Benefits of our technology

  • Integrated platforms, seamless trading experience
    This means that no matter what platform you choose to trade on, the changes you make are reflected in your account across all platforms.

  • Universally compatible
    Our desktop applications and websites run on Windows, Mac and Linux machines while our mobile application runs on Android, iOS, Bada, Symbian and Java OS.

  • Fast and Lightweight
    The applications that we create are extremely light and easy to install on all devices. They are also extremely fast and agile – qualities that are treasured in peak stock market trading periods. The fact that these platforms are lightweight also means that they do not drain your device (desktop or mobile) of resources unnecessarily.

  • Simple User Interface
    To make stock trading as simple as pie, we ensure that our trading platforms are easy to understand, simple to navigate around and extremely responsive whenever required.

  • Security
    Since you trust us with your money, we ensure we provide the highest levels of security to safeguard your interests while you trade with us. Our trading platforms are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption – the highest level of security available today. We have a 2-step authentication feature even at the account log in stage to ensure your trading activities are completely private and secure.

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