What is TIN & Its Requirement?

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  • 07 Feb 2023

Similar to a PAN (Permanent Account Number) that is used for identifying an individual taxpayer, the TIN or the Tax Identification Number is a number that is given to businesses and is used for monitoring their business transactions. Every business entity, registered for filing Value Added Tax for trading goods & services, must have their own TIN number.

The IT Department has introduced the concept of TIN to bring the entire taxation related details of businesses together at one place. Thus, business entities that are operational in different states and carry inter-state and intra-state business transactions are required to have a TIN number. The basic idea behind TIN was to update the existing system of processing, collecting, monitoring as well as accounting of taxes with the help of IT tools and software.

TIN is basically an 11 digit number and is used by dealers for the purpose of identification. Out of the eleven characters the final two indicate the applicant’s state. Also, every business organization can have just one TIN number.

Application for Tax Identification Number can be made both online and offline. This has been done to simplify the process and make it convenient for the applicants. Also note that it the Commercial Tax Department of a state holds the responsibility of providing TIN number to the enterprises. Since quoting TIN is mandatory for VAT submission, it is provided automatically during the registration process. TIN helps the IT department to keep a track of the transactions that are being conducted by different business enterprises within the nation.

The procedure for applying for Tax Identification Number or TIN differs from one state to another because it is provided by the every state’s government. The entire procedure or the steps for application are listed in accordance with the CST or the Central Sales Tax Act.

TIN or Tax Identification Number is needed for selling and purchasing of goods & services in one state or between multiple states. Exporters, traders, manufacturers as well as dealers of different goods as well as services must apply for TIN. For CST, VAT or TIN related transactions, an enterprise must have a TIN number to process them smoothly. However, when applying for the TIN number, business enterprises must provide the following documents.

Kindly note that TIN is offered by the state’s government and thus the details/documents required may be different for every state.

  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Address proof for the business or enterprise
  • PAN card of the owner or the proprietor of the business in addition to 4-6 passport photographs.
  • Security or reference -1st Purchase/ Sale invoice, a copy of the LR/GR & collection/payment proof along with a statement from the bank.

Once these details/documents have been duly checked as well as scrutinized, the applicant would be provided with a unique Tax Identification Number. In case you possess a Central Sales Tax or CST number, you can change the same to a TIN number by placing a request with the tax authorities or department. It must be noted that when an enterprise or business either overlooks or forgets to quote the TIN number in their sales related papers, then they will have to pay a penalty, which in turn is decided by the state levying it.

In case you wish to know your tin or perform a tin no search, then take a look at the list of all the State Codes for the first two digits of TIN mentioned below:

Sl. No. Name of the State First two digits of the TIN State Code
1Andaman and Nicobar Islands35AN
2Andhra Pradesh28AP
3Andhra Pradesh (New)37AD
4Arunachal Pradesh12AR
9Dadra and Nagar Haveli26DN
10Daman and Diu25DD
15Himachal Pradesh02HP
16Jammu and Kashmir01JK
20Lakshadweep Islands31LD
21Madhya Pradesh23MP
32Tamil Nadu33TN
35Uttar Pradesh09UP
37West Bengal19WB
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