Option Trading Tips For Complete Beginners

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  • 29 Dec 2023
Option Trading Tips For Complete Beginners

Key Highlights

  • Avoid options with low liquidity; verify volume at specific strike prices.

  • calls grant the right to buy, while puts grant the right to sell an asset before expiration.

  • Utilise different strategies based on market conditions; explore various options trading approaches.

It's important to bear in mind that every option transaction involves two parties: a buyer and a seller. Consequently, for each call or put option acquisition, there is always a counterpart involved in selling it. The dynamics of trading options resemble the betting scenario at a racetrack, where pari-mutuel betting is employed. In this system, each individual places bets against all other participants, with the track taking a small cut for facilitating the process. Similarly, trading options operates as a zero-sum game, analogous to the horse track. The gain of the option buyer corresponds to the loss of the option seller, and vice versa. The payoff diagram for an option purchase mirrors the seller's payoff diagram.

Now, let's get into the rights of an options buyer and the obligations of an options seller. Suppose the stock 'XYZ' is trading at 920 levels in the cash market segment, and the premium for the 940 call option is `18 (with a lot size of 500). In a bullish stance on XYZ, 'A' opts to buy the 940 call, while 'B,' adopting a pessimistic outlook, writes the 940 call option. Consequently, 'A' pays 9000 (18 * 500), and 'B' receives the same amount for writing the option.

Options should be considered an extension of stocks, providing flexibility in situations where traders are uncertain about holding or selling a security. Unlike stock trading, which is limited to bullish exposure by buying stocks or bearish exposure by shorting stocks, options offer the ability to bet long or short with reduced overall risk and capital expenditure. These advantages are just a fraction of what options trading adds to a trader's toolbox, allowing them to express investment ideas more diversely.

When executed correctly, options strategies can tilt the odds in your favour, providing a probability of profit exceeding 50%. Unlike stock trades, these strategies can actually reduce overall risk. For instance, options allow investors to profit from a stock's rise, stability, or even a slight fall, offering a critical advantage for portfolio success.

1. Unlocking Profitable Opportunities Options trading thrives on market volatility, providing investors with opportunities amid fear and greed. Skillful use of options allows for capitalising on these situations, making it a valuable strategy for long-term success.

2. Enhancing Portfolios Managing Risk and Adding Income with Options Options offer a unique avenue to manage risk and add income, going beyond the capabilities of stock trading alone. Success in options trading involves attention to the right settings for consistent portfolio benefits, aligning with specific goals such as steady growth, income, or short-term gains.

3. Patience Patience is crucial for options traders. Waiting for the right opportunities is comparable to a batter waiting for the perfect pitch. Acting recklessly without a game plan can lead to mistakes. Recognizing the difference between good and bad deals and trading smarter can significantly impact success.

4. Strategic Exit Planning the exit is a critical aspect of options trading. It goes beyond minimising losses; it involves having a predetermined exit plan and timeframe, considering both upward and downward exits. Timing is crucial, especially as the expiration date approaches, requiring traders to exit if the expected move does not occur within the anticipated time frame.


There is a widespread misunderstanding that options are complex and high-risk. In reality, options simply provide a means to engage with stocks in different ways. While some may perceive options as difficult to grasp, having a grasp of a few fundamental concepts makes them highly valuable and easily understandable. Anyone can acquire the knowledge to trade options with confidence.

FAQs on Option Trading Tips For Complete Beginners

No, options are suitable for beginners too. With a basic understanding of the concepts, beginners can confidently engage in option trading.

While options can be risky if not used properly, they also offer risk management tools. With the right strategies, traders can control and limit their risks.

Yes, options can be traded with a relatively small amount of capital. This makes them accessible to a wide range of investors.

Common mistakes include not having a clear strategy, neglecting risk management, and trading without sufficient knowledge.

Regular monitoring is advisable, especially as expiration dates approach. However, options also allow for more hands-off strategies, depending on the individual's trading goals and preferences.

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