Partnering With Kotak Securities

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  • 21 Feb 2023
How To Partner With Kotak Securities ?

The prospect of financial entrepreneurship is an exciting one. But how do you begin your entrepreneurial journey and be your own boss? You could become a business associate of Kotak Securities.

1. Franchisee Model

Your role here is that of a sub-agent. As a franchisee, you support your clients to choose the best trading and investment routes. Help your clients decide which stocks to sell and which ones to buy. Kotak Securities will then take over and trade on their behalf.

2. Coordinator Model:

The coordinator acts as a link between the client and Kotak Securities. Once you have introduced your client with the brokerage firm, you can take a step back. The team at Kotak Securities will handle all market-related dealings.

3. Employee-to-Entrepreneur Model:

All you need is one year of experience in the financial sector. Your role is that of a guide. You support clients through the trade and investment process, forming a link between them and Kotak Securities.

Start by choosing the business model that suits you best. Now, learn how you can become a Kotak Securities business associate:

1. To Become A Franchisee:

You must be a high school graduate with three years of stockbroking experience. Certification from the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is essential. You will have to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and with the local stock exchange. Some basic investments will be necessary too. You will need a functional office space with internet connectivity. You will also have to make an initial deposit of Rs 3 lakh at Kotak Securities.

2. To Become A Coordinator:

A finance background is not necessary to become a coordinator. You do not need office space. No initial deposit is required either. What you need is a large database of clients.

3. To Become An Employee-to-Entrepreneur:

You need one year’s experience in the financial sector for this. Start your entrepreneurial journey with zero investment.

Kotak Securities will assist you at every step. Enjoy the services of a designated service manager. Attend regular training and workshops. Get access to up-to-date market research as well.

These are just some of the tools to help you function better. When you work efficiently, it results in higher earnings for your clients—and for you, too! So, explore the different business models and decide one is ideal for you. Give your entrepreneurial goals the boost they need.

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