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Shortcut keys on website

Introducing shortcut keys on the Neo website, for you to quickly navigate across the sections.

Accessing Shortcut Keys To view the array of keyboard shortcuts at your disposal, simply click on the Question-Mark-Icon "?" displayed on your screen. Alternatively, you can use the "?" or "/" key on your keyboard.

(Click on the zoom icon to play the above video)

Navigation Shortcuts

Effortlessly navigate through various sections with these intuitive shortcuts:

  • H: Navigate to Home
  • O: Navigate to Orders
  • P: Navigate to Portfolio
  • I: Navigate to the Invest section
  • F: Navigate to the Funds section

Order Form Shortcuts

Optimize your order placement process with these efficient shortcuts:

  • Enter Key: Place the order
  • B or F1 Keys: Switch order from Sell to Buy
  • S or F2 Keys: Switch order from Buy to Sell
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys: Increase/decrease the value count in Quantity & Price input fields
  • Tab Key: Navigate to the next input or action on the order form
  • Shift+Tab Keys: Navigate back to the previous input or action on the order form
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Choose between Order types & Product types
  • Space Key: Open dropdowns and select checkboxes
  • Space + Tab Keys: Shift between Invest & Intraday

These shortcut keys are designed with the trader in mind, empowering you to make informed decisions and execute orders with unparalleled speed.

We will be coming up with shortcuts keys on Watchlist and Search.